Keep the Sunny Side Up

Someone that our family spent a great deal of time around when we lived in Central TX had a sad habit of following any good news with: "Well, just my luck... {insert most negative possible outcome here} would happen..." And if the negative ever did, in fact, happen to this person, we had to hear, "Oh, that's just the way it always goes for me..."
I confess to have a VERY limited tolerance of such Eeyore-esque-type thinking. Troy said something along those lines a few days ago and, just bless him, I kind of crawled all over him for it! We've got too much to be thankful for to grinch!
Okay, this is simply hilarious. I started this post a few days ago when Troy made that comment and I was reminded of how little tolerance I have for such thinking. But I didn't finish the post, I just scheduled it for later, which NEVER actually posts, it just becomes a draft, and I would complete it later.
So this morning I woke up to a scheduled post that posted. For the first time EVER! An incomplete post. About not grinching, not looking for life to take a sour turn or hand you a raw deal.
Even funnier than my incomplete post actually posting when it was scheduled to, my side-by-side refrigerator is freezing everything from the 3rd shelf, down -- both sides -- and doing nothing to the top 2 shelves. (problem already diagnosed, thank you). And my new exercise program seems to be doing nothing but exhausting me. And of course everyone is still suffering from financial Christmas hangover a bit. All envelopes are empty and it's live-out-of-the-pantry time at my house! There is MUCH I am tempted to grinch about. There is MUCH that I would like to say, "Well, that is JUST my luck..." (actually, I really can't even bring myself to say it, I hate that phrase that much, but I'm thinking stuff along those lines!)
But I have to think WHY I hate that phrase. I hate that phrase because I am a chosen people, remember. I am royalty, dadgumit! I have a name to wear and a King to live up to. I am called to live a life "worthy of my calling", and griping about the grit of life is NOT living a life worthy of my calling.
I really did start this to talk about getting what you look for: expect negative, you get negative. Antique Mommy wrote about planning for joy. Sometimes you have to look a little harder, but the joy is way more fun to find! Where's the challenge in finding the negative when your baby carrots are frozen solid and your frozen peas are liquified? It's just too easy. Planning for joy. Today? A challenge. But I'm on it...!

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Susan said...

Frozen carrots and liquified peas (if they haven't gone bad) would be great in a stew! Doesn't that sound yummy. See you are already planning for joy. Great reminder. tee hee.

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