Survey Time!

Would love your help!

After my injury, I am shuffling back into running. I would like to load my ipod with some awesome 'tunes to run by'. I would LOVE to hear what song(s) make you want to get moving or keep moving! Many places --,, etc. all publish playlists that are popular. But when I go to iTunes, many of them are marked [EXPLICIT]. Most of my current running list is praise and worship, some is just fun, but none is [EXPLICIT]!! I try to be careful about what I cram into my feeble little brain...!

So, please, suggestions? What do you listen to? What do you like? Tell me your favorites!


Ruthie said...

hey :)
I like switchfoot, barlow girls, muse, just to name a few
let me get back to you after i look at my play list :)


Troy M. Stirman said...

Ray Conti's "Flying Now" from the original 'Rocky' soundtrack.

Vann said...

Every song on Passion's "God of This City"

Coldplay's "Viva la Vida"

"Driving With the Top Down" from the Ironman soundtrack.

Chelsea said...

"Jet Black and Jealous" - Eli Young Band (really the whole CD is awesome if you like country)

"Love Lockdown" - Kanye West (I have to be honest, I don't think it is explicit, but it is my GO TO song if I'm in a slump during a workout, LOVE IT!)

"It's Not My Time" - 3 Doors Down

"Message in a Bottle" - Police (my fav!)

Ok, I'm sure you weren't asking for that many but I started looking at my playlist and wanted to share! Hope some if any of these help :)

kenny said...

i would recommend anything by chris tomlin. then i would say something by journey ... their 'best of' album would be a good start. have you seen the movie 'vision quest' ... if you have, then you know what i mean.

those are just a few to get to you started.

dad said...

"Born to be wild";

"Put some drive in your country" by Travis Tritt --
Yeah, put some drive in your country
Keep country drivin' on
When the music gets you movin'
You know that can't be wrong
Every time I hear that outlaw stuff on my car radio
It makes me wanna drive it just as fast as it will go
Put some drive in your country
Let's keep country drivin' on

Almost anything by Stevie Ray Vaughn.

john dobbs said...

Avalon did a remix album called O2 I think ... anyway it's all of their songs remixed with europop dance mixes. When I used to walk I liked to try to walk to those beats...and it was quite difficult... but I enjoyed the music too because the songs were familiar.

Kelly Sessions said...

Cross Canadia Ragweed is always good. I dont have my ipod with me right now and you KNOW i have tons of great songs!! So i'll have to post when I get back home this afternoon!



I'm working on my list now. Hope to have it up on my running blog tomorrow. I have to confess though ... I like my playlists a little hard.

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