The Courage to Redefine Sucess

"I also learned that my spirit was not as broken as I thought. Through running I was rediscovering courage, in myself and in others. Running was awakening the very feelings that I had tried so hard to bury. Running made me aware that the true difference between success and failure, between winning and losing, is often our willingness to be honest about what success means."

John Bingham,
"The Courage to Start"


Jae said...

I love Penguin, not because he runs, but because he writes about what running his head. I LOVE HIM. There are a million lessons to be learned when we run. Most people don't like being in their head, but as he said, courage and bravery are found in running.

Wonderful post....wonderful you :)

Sarah S. said...

SOOOOoooo glad you told me about this book!! Yeah, as you know, I'm ALL ABOUT being in my own head! :-) Love the life lessons from running.

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