Marriage Monday: Be the Cheerleader!!

Yes, I know it's not Monday anymore. Po-tay-to, po-tah-to. I'm still going to talk about marriage, so let's just let me call it what I will, shall we?

I suspect I may start sounding like a broken record in this regard, but it occurs to me that I need the reminder still. Weeks ago I mentioned using encouraging words with your spouse or, at the very least, biting your tongue about things that don't matter.

No. No skirt or gymnastics required.
Today, I want to encourage you to consider yourself your spouse's cheerleader.

Not that kind of cheerleader.

The cheerleader that speaks well of him/ her even when s/he isn't around.  The kind of person that remembers why you got married in the first place -- and tells other people all the great things about him/ her.

Be the person that speaks well of your spouse to your children so that your children honor, love, and respect your spouse as well.

Be the person that tells other people how great your spouse is at... what? My spouse is great at his job. He's a perfect fit for it. Because of that, he got asked to help with a ministry at church that was an extension of what he does. I let other people know how good he would be at that.

Part of what makes him good is that he cares about the people he's working with and for, and NEVER gives less than 100% to any job that he does. He's a pretty amazing guy. You can see how those qualities bless us here at the house, too. Obviously, I could go on.

This Marriage Monday / Tuesday comes with a homework assignment: compliment your spouse 3 times a day for the next week. If you compliment him/ her TO someone else, that counts! Let's check back in next week and see how we did.

Brag Time! Tell me now: my spouse is great at/ or because...? Why?


SheilaGregoire said...

I have found this so true in my own marriage. My husband doesn't just want to know that I love him; he wants to know WHY I love him. He wants me to cheer him on and tell him what I love about him! And so I try to do that, and I try to do it within earshot of the kids!

Thanks for participating in Wifey Wednesday!

Sheila from To Love, Honor and Vacuum!

Abby Neinast said...

Right before I got married my mom had a brunch one day with all of the important ladies in my life to share marriage advice. I'll never forget when one of the gave us a nice encouraging book (Marriage On The Rock) and said that the author and their pastor, Jimmy Evans, said that men are looking for their wives to be their biggest naked cheerleader! I still have the pom pom she gave me and I laugh every time I see it!

Sarah S. said...

That's awesome. Yes, you can never tell him too often how glad you are that you have that 10th man. What a blessing.

Sarah S. said...

That's so true -- and it's true of me, too! Especially when I'm hormonal: But WHY do you love me? What is there redeeming about me??? I will verbalize the question 'lest I starve, but my husband never will. Thanks for coming by!

Sarah S. said...

Hilarious. Yes, that's kind of what I thought when I put that pic up -- I kind of wanted to go off down THAT road. That's a whole other blog post. If you can do a hurkey (sp?) off the bed... even better! :-) Just don't pull anything.

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