Me? A Complaining Teenager? Well... Yeah

Originally published at Shoestring Ministries (and when it was still very hot... :-)

“There’s nothing to eat.”

“There’s nothing to do.”

“I don’t have anything to wear.”

“It’s too hot for that.”

As the relentless heat wave over our portion of the nation continues with no end in sight, knowing only our own family due to the recent move, and no routine for people out of school, it seems the teens have opted to make a hobby of voicing discontent.

Being in the same heat wave, with little time away from the grumpy teens I admit my tolerance for the complaining is wearing thin.

I want to lash out at complaining teenagers standing in front of a full pantry or refrigerator declaring that their is nothing to eat.

I want to pitch a tantrum to rival any two-year-old’s as they stand in front of a full closet, next to a full dresser, and on top of a pile of dirty clothes and declare that they have no clothes.

I can feel my right temple threatening to explode as they flick away twelve different forms of electronics and all of the controllers along with memberships to pools to tell me that there is nothing to do.

In the name of family peace I don’t shout, tantrum, or explode. I continue with my day. In a short time, my heart is heavy with conviction. My words to myself and in prayer sound just a little bit like a complaining teenagers.

“I wish I had that house.”

“Ugh. Can’t believe none of these clothes fit. I’ve gained so much weight.”

“Why can’t we ever make the money last through the end of the month?”

“This computer is SO slow. Wish I could get one of those new ones.”

“Wish I could afford some of that patio furniture that’s on sale now.”

I listen to my complaining words, wondering if the Lord has a headache yet from listening to me.

Really? I complain that I have consumed so much food that my ample supply of clothes no longer fit while my ample supply of money is running low.

I cringe that I dare complain about what I do and don’t have when I live in an air conditioned home with clean running water — a basic luxury that many in the world are without.

I bow my head in repentance and gratitude for all that I have. I struggle to be thankful for things I would rather not have.

My achy knees that remind me that they still work. Mostly. This relentless hot weather… thinking… thinking… I am thankful that I have access to cool air and swimming pools.

And for these teens that seem to consume all of my food while complaining that there is none? I am thankful for so many things about them, but today I am thankful for their words that remind me not to sound like a complaining teen to my Father.
Shoestring Ministries is the website for the "What's In It For Him?" tour and program that some of you may have heard about. (If you haven't, go check them out -- way cool!) They will have a "Me Addiction Tour" stop in Abilene next Friday night, October 29. It's at 7p.m. at ACU's Moody Coliseum, features comic Bob Smiley, praise with Phil Joel (formerly of the Newsboys) and Reg Cox will be speaking. Annnnd... it's F-R-E-E!!

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Jenny said...

I can so identify with this. I know that God still cares about me, but sometimes it seems that life isn't going the way I think it should. For years now, I've been complaining about being single. Last night I watched a documentary on modern slavery and sex trafficking, and instantly my own problems seemed rather silly.

Sarah S. said...

Hmmm... that's a tough one, though, Jenny. I believe to pour out your desires to God as Hannah did for a child is one thing. To long for companionship on this earth is not to want a faster computer or bigger house. I don't believe that to be a "silly problem" at all -- not a crisis at the level of sex trafficking, perhaps, but the desire of your heart, nonetheless. But I do appreciate that some things can help you gain perspective.

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