Heading Into the Weekend, 5k, Soul Care/ Body Care

As you can tell by my run-on title of my blog post this is a "Sweep the Kitchen" clean up blog for the week. (There is an uber-yummy pizza house based out of my home town that has an "everything" pizza that they call "Sweep the Kitchen." Yummy.)

I am draggy today. We had Friday night football on Thursday last night. A pretty fun game. Of course, I barely watched the game, as I was really only there to see halftime. Besides my awesome daughter in the band, Troy was asked to be the announcer for the band. That was fun, and with his beautiful booming voice, of course he did an amazing job.

Tomorrow is a big band competition. They have been practicing long and hard so I hope it turns out well. We will go watch. The weather is supposed to be perfect. Fall is so very fun.

Before that I am running a 5k, Jenny's Run for Hope, in memory of Jenny Bizaillion, to raise money for the Gregg Pearson Foundation. I never had the privilege of meeting Jenny, but I love several people who love her dearly so I am privileged to participate in an event like this.

Awkward segue from running 5k to what is rolling around in my head...:

John posted a review of the book "Hope, Help, and Healing from Eating Disorders" on his blog. I haven't read the book and many of you are going to have to block out of your brain that I used the phrase "eating disorder" at all. To most of you, that brings to mind anorexia or bulimia when that phrase can be a huge umbrella of other disordered eating.

Let's just block that whole thought right now anyway because I simply wanted to talk about the fact that John's post made me start to think that care for our bodies is just something that is, as you know, very near and dear to my heart. You rarely hear people discuss it as a component of your spiritual life. Yet we all know that your physical body and how it feels colors your spiritual walk.

A few years ago I did a regular "Fitness Friday" post here at the ol' blog. I plan to kick back off a type of blog posts along those same lines, but they will go a little deeper than the hows of fitness. It will be Soul Care/ Body Care. I believe that you can't divorce taking care of the body from taking care of the soul. It is all part of the same house that we will live in on this planet. It's definitely a journey that I'm still on and figuring out what is what because heaven knows every day brings new and different information. I would love for you to walk the journey with me. Not running half marathons, just taking care of the body you've been given.

What do you think? Can you take care of your soul (WHY do I keep typing 'sould?') and not the body? Do you have a plan for either? I would love your feedback!


Karen Koonce said...

Funny you should mention this (body care/soul care). I'm part of a group of women currently reading through Larry Crabb's book "Shattered Dreams" and in it, he makes a point of talking about the new breed of counseling that is less about treating a psychological disorder and more about taking care of the soul.... basically our souls are empty and looking for something to fill it, and that leads to some of the issues we struggle with (whether it be overeating, anorexia, control issues, anger issues, etc.). Trying very hard to take care of my soul and praying it will transfer to the body.

Sarah S. said...

Hmmm... I would love to read that book. That's kind of my line of thinking/ premise. That as you take care of your soul, you will want to take care of your body. And vice-versa: as you care for your body, you are caring for your soul by letting yourself know that you are valuable enough to do so. Think of all of the stress-induced physical ailments we have today. You can't completely eliminate them, but you can surely reduce them by caring for the soul.

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