Twelve by 2012

I'm going to start getting back here more often so that my first line of my blog isn't apologizing for being gone so long. It's been a crazy week in a good way. I've done very little writing of any kind and especially not of the bloggy kind -- as you've noticed.

I came across something that is right up my alley. As you have probably noticed, goal-setting is a big deal for me. Goal-accomplishing? Meh. You win some, you lose some. But if I don't set intentional goals,  I'm likely to live my life in a vortex of Facebook, Pinterest, and a sad workout routine I call "useless." I'm especially liking using this blog as my accountability place. I post it publicly, and now I have to follow through.

Danni at Oh, Hello Friend decided to cut the procrastination and finish the year strong. She made a list of 12 things she wants to get accomplished by 2012.  As she points out, it's a specific amount of time but not too long. Mark Batterson said at the Catalyst conference recently, "A goal without a deadline is dead on arrival."

So I'm joining in. Twelve things to do before 2012:
1. Get the 3 boxes out of my living room that have been sitting there since we moved in in May.

2. (recycled from Danni): Zero out my email inbox (currently at 265).

3. Finish my "Sarah is unavailable" file -- what some call an "in case of death" file. I am one rockin' family manager that keeps the plates spinning, the bills paid, the dog vaccinated, and everyone where they are supposed to be. If I were hospitalized or passed away, I would hate for my family to have an added stress of wondering where to take the dog to the vet or how to get into the online bank account to pay bills. This is something I have been meaning to work on, but the last week has reminded me that anything can happen to anyone at any moment. It's another way for me to love my family. My personal deadline for this one is Nov. 15 (I started last night).

4. Decorate foyer (and change out light fixture), decorate living room, and my bedroom (walls especially -- very barren currently).

5. Register and begin training for the Cowtown Half Marathon.

6. Start to date my husband more regularly (this has to wait until November due to family craziness).

7. Plan for my kids' birthdays. I know they are older, but they are around the holidays and kind of always get overlooked/ rushed over. We have a Sweet 16 this year, so we have to do something special.

8. Submit articles for publication... as in, ask a magazine/ newspaper to reject me. Really don't like this part of my calling.

9. Plan for and decorate for Christmas (someone please just let it come and let me enjoy it -- I don't want to have to get ready for it. Do. Not. Have it in me currently).

10. Deal with pictures on the camera (download to computer/ organize pics).

11. Read 6 books. I have slowed down WAY too much on my reading. You know what Stephen King says? "If you don't have time to read, you don't have time to write." But I bet Stephen King is no fun on Pinterest.

12. Finish up and memorize well my last few scriptures for Beth Moore's Siesta Scripture Memory Team. I've at least logged them in thanks to sweet encouragement from Joelle, but I need to get them inside my head! Because we are going to the celebration in January! See you there?

Join me? You can make a list on paper or on your blog. If you have a blog, link it in the comments of Danni's post. Let's keep each other accountable, 'kay? Finish 2011 strong!


Sarah @ Simply Dove said...

Hey Sarah! Thanks for your sweet comment on my 12 by 2012 post! It looks like we do have a lot in common!! Congrats on doing the half marathon! I've been wanting to do one recently, but with all my other hobbies (sewing, knitting, and now crochet) I'm afraid of spending the money on registration and then not following through. Unfortunately, I've done it before. :( But I'm really wanting to get back into running because I just feel way better when I do it! I love your idea for #3! That is something I never would think to do. It's such a great idea! I love your blog and am looking forward to reading more! :)

Sarah S. said...

Hey, new friend Sarah. I don't know many Sarahs my own age (and I think you're younger than me) so I think that's way cool. Yeah, we all have to have our thing, and draw the line on other things. I would love to sew, knit, and crochet, but I'm too busy out there running -- and I won't put the money toward a registration unless I KNOW I will do it! Yeah, the "in case of" file isn't very fun to think about (I keep getting REALLY teary as I do it) but I do just remember that I want to love my family this way... and hope they never have to use it.

Karen Koonce said...

What a great idea. I especially should do your #3. And we just painted the walls in our house, so your #4 is on my list too. I will have to think on this some more.

Sarah S. said...

Thanks for stopping by, Karen. The walls are going to drive me crazy. It's evil Pinterest! :-) I see the cutest things that I either don't have time or budget for, so I do nothing. If I would spend a day with a nail and hammers, I would make big progress!

Sarah (eleven things) said...

thanks for offering the first words of encouragement for my list! great list too Sarah! i would love to do number 8 but don't think i am quite at that stage yet, maybe that can go into next year's goals list... and i really need to do number 10 too! i am excited to hear about your marathon training, birthday party and christmas plans. it's so great cheering people along. can't wait to hear your updates over the next few months.

Sarah S. said...

Isn't submitting stuff for publication daunting? I've done it before, got into a lazy cycle with one publication and that is no longer working out. Moving on. Ugh. I have one article I'm working on this week! Ugh... I get paralyzed by fear by I keep thinking of that "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take!" Truth. Here I go...! Yes, let's keep up and cheer each other on!

Serena Faber Nelson said...

Number 3 is a brilliant idea. Really, really brilliant. You're right it is another way for you to love your family. It's reminded me to do the same - thankyou! :)

Serena Faber Nelson said...

PS. Good luck with your list!!

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