October Goals

I mentioned yesterday that I wanted to set October goals. Fitness and writing... and later, sadly, I realized I need to include spiritual goals in there. My time with the Lord has been at sporadic times recently, which comes to mean hit or miss. And that simply won't do. I must make that deposit first in my day if all the other plans will succeed.

Some of the goals I am currently looking at for October:
Spiritual: 21days of quiet time (consistent week days), including Weeks 2 and 3 homework for my Beth Moore Bible study. (on days that I don't do Beth Moore before my prayer time, I read 3-4 chapters out of the Bible from this Bible reading schedule.)

 Physical: Run 60 miles
       Resistance (weights or body weight exercises): 12 times
       Yoga: 8 times

Writing: 31,000 words (1,000/ day)
       15 blog  posts

Family/ Home: Date with Troy
      Fix entry way
      Volunteer at the various band events I've signed up for...
      Attend 8 football games and 4 marching competitions. About all I've got left in me...

It probably looks like my family is getting the short end of the stick. The reality is that they're a little too busy for me right now. With one in high school marching band, the other in middle school band AND football, October is our peak craziness with football games and marching competitions. We will have 2 football games every week and with a marching competition every Saturday and one middle school band concert thrown in there somewhere. My goal is to do the best I can to get dinner on the table and get everyone where they are supposed to be when they are supposed to be with hopefully some clean clothes on their back.

That is also why I can only hope for one date with Troy. Besides our family's crazy schedule, he will be doing quite a bit of come-and-go travel for his work. Honestly, a date is pretty ambitious. I would like to do better about simply appreciating him. A handwritten love letter mailed to his work, maybe? A surprise post-it on his steering wheel. You remember being crazy in love? Those kind of things.

"Fix entry way" is the sad reality that we have been living for 4 months in a half-moved into house. It's time to put things on the walls and pretend that we are really going to live here now. October will be entry way month. I may do a post on that. When it's finished. And looks amazing. Because right now... it does not...

 I can almost guarantee you that I will fail at one or two of these.... But I will get closer than aiming for nothing. I wanted to have it written somewhere to have a place to be accountable. I can also break it down into weekly blocks to check my progress. The one that most intimidates me in that regard is the 31,000 words written for the month. I will let you know how it goes!

Would love to hear from you! Do you make monthly goals? Any you would be willing to share?

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