Marriage Monday: It's for Real

Today's Marriage Monday (that I am writing on Tuesday morning) could probably be rightfully interpreted as a rant more than any type of helpful direction or advice. You've been advised.

I obviously missed posting yesterday and was just going to let it go. Then I did something that I do about four times a year: I caught some celebrity news.

As an aside, I could get so absorbed in celebrity news that it would be all I do. Magazines, news shows, gossip sites, you name it, I'm just as into celebrity watching as the next person if not more. Therein lies the problem. If I am to get anything done in this life, I must let the celebrities live their lives while I live mine. I don't guess it was a conscious decision to stop reading the magazines and watching the news shows. I think as I had my own family, I had less time and lost touch with it for long enough that I could walk away.

But I could fall into a black hole of that in a heartbeat -- so now I do make a decision to stay very far away. Crazy thing? I see my daughter DRAWN to the TV shows and magazines at the check out stands like a moth to a flame. What is it about us?

So... it was this summer that she caught a little bit about the OTHER royal wedding. You know, the one where the family name rhymes with "rashian"... Otherwise I would have had NO idea.
Image from weddingringcentre.net
So now, as you probably know, the big news story is that less than 3 months later the marriage is ending. I caught a few minutes of it -- yes, it was one of the "top stories" on the Today show at the gym this morning. Complete with a press release from the bride saying that she "had hoped that this marriage would be forever, but those things don't always work out."

THIS is why I can't watch celebrity news. I get caught up in it, then I get angry. "These things don't always work out?" Are you kidding me?

Obviously, as someone who just barely knew that the wedding had already taken place, I don't know every detail of this situation. I know that it is a marriage full of cameras and photographers -- a condition the couple sold the rights to, even to the tune of $200,000 for the rights to their honeymoon (I've been doing research. Sue me.) They obviously aren't the first or last celebrity couple to make poor choices -- I'm pretty sure this isn't the shortest celebrity marriage I can think of.

Then there is the rumor that perhaps the entire marriage was just one big publicity stunt.

I have so much I want to say about all of it (which would be the rant).

Marriage is a sacred bond, not a publicity stunt.

Marriage is for grown-ups. Grown-ups who know how to act like grown ups.

Marriage is forever. You promised him, you promised God. No, these things don't work out when you wash your hands of them within three months.

Granted, it takes two to stay married. Two grown ups. Willing to work. Willing to honor God in their actions and choices. Perhaps that means that not everyone should choose to get married. I definitely would rather have people not be married than make such a mockery of it.

Whew. I'm getting too upset. Good thing Kim K. isn't here to stand around and tell me what I need to be doing differently. Plenty, I'm sure, in her world.

Photo by Lester Cohen of WireImage.com
And, with that, I would like to give a nod to my FAVORITE celebrity couple, married 23 years: keep up the good work, Tom and Rita!

And, if YOU are making YOUR marriage work -- you , too, are a celebrity! Keep it up!


Sarah @ Simply Dove said...

Hey Sarah! I couldn't agree with you more! I come from a family full of divorces. My parents are both divorced (and re-married); my sister married at age 18, divorced a year later, then re-married a year after that; my aunts have been married and divorced several times. I grew up as one of those girls always saying "I'm never getting married!" Well, then I met my current bf. We have been planning on getting married pretty much since we started dating 3 years ago. We haven't done it yet, and I'm so glad we didn't rush into it. I NEVER want to go through a divorce, and being a Christian, I believe there are only two reasons you should get divorced (adultery & abuse). My bf comes from a loving Christian family and I know he has the same viewpoint as I do. It's so sad to me that people have this mindset where they think it's ok to just get married, then get rid of the person when things get rough! It's so disheartening to see my generation have such a nonchalant attitude towards marriage. All I know is, I want to set an example for my future children. When you get married, that's it, you're married!

Jamie Kocur said...

I agree... celebrity weddings make me sick. How sad to think it might be a publicity stunt. I admire celebrities who can stay married too. Yay Tom Hanks! (I knew I liked him for a reason.)

Sarah S. said...

Way to go, Sarah! You are so wise to be cautious about marriage. You can completely change your family legacy. It's so simple -- stay married! -- but in the thick of it it can be SO HARD! My husband and I came from "forever married" families and when it got to be too hard you think walking away would be easier. I am so thankful the Lord didn't give up on us when we were ready to give up on our marriage. Keep it up, girl!

Sarah S. said...

I totally want to go to dinner with him. I'll even let him bring Rita.

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