Quick Hello!

Hey, y'all! Wow, let me get away from posting every day and I just totally slack off.

What a FUN season of life I am in, though. I knew that October would be busy and it is -- are we halfway through yet? Not yet, I guess.

Fall is uber-busy for our family, as I mentioned here, so I am hanging on for the ride now. We have been through a few football games and one marching band competition. The best is yet to come. Troy is doing some traveling and we are all surviving.

Of course, one of our family is a HUGE Texas Rangers fan, so we are all watching baseball, too. 

I know that this season is SO busy yet will go SO fast. I see my kids doing wonderful things on their fields, and I hear them discussing amazing things within these walls -- and I want to soak up every drop.

I want to celebrate my kids and who they are and all that God is creating them to be. I continue to see God at work in them daily -- their humor, their missional heart, their compassion. And, of course, I see me in them -- the complaining, the hesitancy to do the hard things, the choosing the easy way. I pray so often for God to capture HIS way in them and use it.

Riley brings me joy in the way he makes me laugh and his dry wit -- but also because he has to help me cook dinner almost every night while I run the band carpool to pick up sister. He's learning some crazy kitchen skillz, y'all. To his future wife: you're welcome... :-)

Ashley makes me smile every day with her passion for her sports teams, and her love of people -- but she also helps me in the house in the morning before school. She loves to menu plan, and every day has a new idea of something to try for me.

Then there's my Troy -- not one of my kids, but just keeping me smiling through it. We see each other so seldom these days, but he is so precious. Today he drove me all over creation because of something that I thought was important to one of the kids. Inside, I know he was thinking, "It will be okay if this doesn't happen..." but he knew that it was a big deal to me. So he kept driving... because he loves me so.

I have been blessed with an amazing family that make me smile and laugh. By God's grace and mercy, He has given me with family (as in so many other things) so much more than I deserve. I just want to pause a minute in the middle of the mayhem to be crazy-thankful for who they are.

This post took WAY too long to write -- we celebrated the Rangers' win tonight, a child got home from football, and we helped with some homework. Typical night stuff -- and why I don't usually write at night.

What about you? What's up in your October?

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