Injured... Injured Bad

Well, I am indeed injured, but it's not THAT bad -- and it certainly isn't in THAT way. Yes, that video is making a repeat appearance on my blog. It still makes me laugh out loud, and it closes with a key phrase: "injured bad". I'm injured!

You may recall that I was injured a few years ago (if you were reading then AND now, you deserve a medal) and really had no great story to go with it. Same thing. Out running, rolled my ankle (because I stepped on something -- I think a pecan), hit the deck, scraped my hands, knee, and elbow. I lay in the middle of the street rolling and crying and asking God how in heaven's name I was going to get home (I was less than a mile from home, but too far to crawl!!) Sweet Melinda (now I know) cruised by in her Escalade and drawled out the window, "Are you all right?" That precious Angel in the Escalade gave me a ride home where I cried some more and iced and propped and missed my daughter being high scorer in her Monday night basketball game.

Yesterday I got 'worked in' at the orthopedist's (which actually took less time than when I went last week and had an appointment set up for 5 weeks) and learned that I have a 'garden variety sprain'. So here's your lovely ginormous boot to wear until you can see me again right before Christmas.

So I'm literally limping along, cruising H-E-B in my scooter and bossing my family around. I'm thankful for the boot, I'm thankful my doctor knows I want this thing HEALED CORRECTLY 'cause I've got training to do (I'm training to turn 40). I'm thankful for my sweet family who is doing what they can to help out.

I do have quite a bit of hobbling to do this morning to get us off, but then I will go and prop my foot and do more bossing! May you have a glorious Thanksgiving and find many reasons to be thankful.


Julie said...

Ah, Sarah, you are just so funny. And that video is just hilarious - I laughed out loud, as well.

Here's to you healing correctly. I am already in the "now I'm 40 race" and believe me, you need all the help you can get.

dad said...

When I scrolled down to the end of this post, I was struck by the juxtaposition of the ankle injury with the previous post's mention of waddling due to heavy eating.
Could there be some cosmic connection? Hmmmmm

Seriously, our sincere sympathy. And best wishes on trying to train for turning the big 4-0.

Susan said...

Poor thing (thang)! Spraining your ankle isn't helpful around the holidays. At least your family is helpful!

Happy Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for you and your friendship. By the way, 40's are GREAT. But, I'm liking 50 even better!

Roxanne said...

And, oh how I WISH I'd seen you scootering through HEB. I hope your walking boot is pink.

Donna Ware said...

I am sorry you are "injured, injured, bad."

Your video gave Phil and I a Thanksgiving chuckle. We had to watch it three times-laughing harder each time.

Heal quickly!

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