Book Review: Izzy and Lenore

When I go to the library, I always like to check out the 'new release' section for something that I may not have heard about but that looks appealing. And what isn't appealing about that precious little lab puppy staring at me? The sub-title reads: "Two dogs, an unexpected journey, and me" So I checked it out and joined Izzy and Lenore on their journey. Oh, Ashley is the one that cracked up that some guy named 'Katz' (pronounced 'cats', of course) was writing about dogs. It never crossed my mind...

Izzy is a border collie that Jon rescued and he was a MESS when Jon got him. Pretty soon, though, Jon went to go get trained to be a hospice volunteer and took Izzy with him. Some of the book is about their work as hospice volunteers. It is VERY touching to hear him tell the story of Izzy instinctively relating with people in their last moments of life. I can't remember now how Jon ended up with Lenore, a lab puppy. (Our Duchess is a lab -- sweetest dogs on the planet...!) Shortly thereafter, Jon realized that not only was he "not himself" he was in the depths of a deep depression. So some of the book is how Lenore was a precious companion to him through his journey through depression.

I think it's a great book, but I am an unashamed dog lover. Katz frequently says, "I know you can't assign human emotionsn to dogs..." and then go on to illustrate some action of either of the dogs that may contradict that. He doesn't think of them as people, but his love for them is evident.

Gotta give it a thumbs up. Check it out.


Roxanne said...

So proud of Ashley. So jealous of FLOW. Although, with my oxygen compromised today due to lung-ick, I might not have enough AIR flow to GO FLOW.

DAD said...

"Lung-ick" is as descriptive a nickname as I've ever heard. It would certainly keep me from flowing, even if I knew what FLOW is.

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