Do you use a blog-reader? There are many you can choose from. I have used in the past, but it frequently seemed to have issues. Like Stickers, if you will. So I switched over to Google Reader and it has been glorious. If you don't know or use a blog reader, you can also use the Feedblitz 'follow this blog' subscription on my blog page.

I currently subscribe to 84 blogs. I say 'currently' because I just culled my list by about 15-20. I assure you that if you are here reading, I didn't cull you! I culled folks who don't know I'm alive, but have excellent things to say -- that I don't have time to read. I did cull one or two soccer moms that consistently blog in gangsta, but they don't know I'm alive, either, so I doubt their feelings are hurt. I cut out one blog from my writing list that is an agent whose posts consistently say, in so many words, "I just have to tell so many people 'no'." "There are so many good writers out there, but that one great writer is so hard to find." "You'll never make it in this business, you know." She isn't good for my psyche!

And, after much 'marking as read' things that I haven't actually read (which bugs me to no end!), I am down to 194 unread blog posts from 682 earlier today. And you wonder why I never call...

I subscribe to running blogs, writing blogs, mom blogs, preacher-dude blogs, and friends' blogs (I would love to include family in there, but my family just doesn't do such...). It's a lot. It's educational, and it can even be community. But I think I am definitely on information overload.


Melene said...

I knew to read this post because of Google Reader. Just recently started using it and I'm so glad I did. It saves so much time once all the blogs I read have been loaded in.

I have the book The Year of Fog on my wish list! It sounds so good-but the story line reminded me of The Deep End of the Ocean. Did you read that one? I'm curious if they are similar at all.....Anyway, it sounds like a great one. Thanks for the review. I love to have more books to read while my husband is deployed.

Roxanne said...

I tried a blog lines thingy, but it never worked for me. I have 13 blogs that I read regularly, so it doesn't take me long to check and see if anything new is there.

I had some other ones before the the computer crashed. . .but not more than 20.

I am already on information overload, so I get a bit selective about the other stuff I invite in. . .most of the blogs I read are definitely people who know I am alive. I think maybe one does not, and that is Pioneer Woman, and she has about 100,000 readers, so I'm not expecting a Christmas card.

ChristyCate said...

I have always and only use Google Reader. In fact, I iGoogle so I don't know of any blog I've ever read that didn't come through my reader. Welcome aboard!

mindy said...

i switched to google reader a while back and like it better than what i was using, but i'm always behind too, every time i cull, i find more to replace them, i currently have 386 un-read:( yikes! but, there are so many good reads...maybe that's why i never seem to read books and magazines anymore! btw, i don't know if i commented on your stickers post, but it made keith and i both laugh a lot:) happy monday!

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