Girl About the Blogosphere!

And today... I am HERE! or more specifically here.

Sing it with me, "Get around, 'round, 'round, I get around (yeah)..."

And I mean that in the purest sense possible, with an additional bonus of a nod to my husband's love of all things Beach Boys.

So, go poke around the internet, see where all I've been this week. 'Cause tomorrow? I am so HERE (as in here, here -- The Cleft of the Rock here!!) And you won't want to miss it.


dad said...

Even viewed through the lens of my fatherly prejudice, that's one of your all-time best!

Phil said...

Or better yet, Sarah, you are here:

Thanks for sharing your article with Heartlight.org!

Donna said...

I really enjoy your articles!

Roxanne said...

Linked to it on my blog AND sent it to several friends who don't read the bloggies. . .homerun, Sarah.

mindy said...

wow, thank you for sharing such wisdom!

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