Would You Like Cheese Fries or Tator Tots With That?

Had a very funny experience today that highlighted what a made-to-order society we have become. I'm creating business cards (made-to-order, of course) and took a little informal survey of a few folks about placement of a graphic on the card, since anyone breathing has a better eye for graphics than I do.

I sent out two jpegs and said, "Which do you like better, #1 or #2?"

I think I asked maybe a dozen folks, far and wide. About 50% of those surveyed (I just wanted to say that to sound official) actually responded with something that went, "I like #(whatever) for this reason..." The other 50%? Oy... they sounded like Sally on "When Harry Met Sally"!

I got:
  • I like #1, but could you move the graphic to the left?
  • I like #1, but could you move the graphic to the right?
  • That font size needs to be bigger.
  • That phrase is stupid.
  • You shouldn't have that information on there.

Totally cracked me up AND let me realize I evidently have an opinion about it. So, I went with what I liked in the first place and that was that. And, yes, I will take some tator tots with my made-to-order business cards!

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Roxanne said...

I love your cards. . .and my only reason for moving the graphic was that I wanted to see more white swirly-dooage. I'm down with the swirly-doos. :) They really are beautiful--loved the photo of you. . .you look like you just stepped out of a salon with your devil-may-care hair that looks PERFECT!!!!

Your run-in with people's opinions was more fun than mine at the HEB. Never did blog it--maybe tomorrow. 10:11. YIKES.

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