Tag Game

Ruth tagged me. My directions are to post the 6th picture in my 6th album on my computer and then explain it.
The only way I can explain this picture is: a) I don't delete (enough) pics before I download them to my computer and b)this is what happens when you allow your children to hold your camera. I know this was at Chelsea's wedding. It was beautiful -- at a winery in the Dallas area. After the wedding, the guests were asked to step onto the porch/ west-facing furnace. (Sorry, Chels, it was HOT!!) However, it allowed me to see some folks that I hadn't seen earlier (and I evidently let my kids play with the camera just to occupy them). I thought we were waiting for the couple to join us out in the furnace, but turns out, we were waiting for the folks to transform the wedding area into the reception area. It was really cool (meant in both ways). At this point, I am out on the porch visiting with someone -- I don't know, but I seem to be VERY focused, don't I? :-) We knew Chelsea from our "growing up years" (Chelsea was actually growing up, Troy and I were newlyweds/ new parents STILL growing up) in Temple. It was great to see her precious family, as well as many of the people that love them that came in for the wedding. In 4 short weeks, her older sister is getting married and I will be able to see some of the same wonderful people!! Yes, that's two weddings in 7 months. Pray for the parents!

Here is picture 5, at a little more respectable distance. Aren't we simply glowing?


dad said...

You look HOT (and I mean that in a fahrenheit sense).

Roxanne said...

What I noticed was that in closeup photo number 1 you were not, indeed, sweating profusely as you should be. Your powder was intact. How did you do that?

Susan said...

You don't look hot. It's a good picture of you and Troy!

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