Randomness for Tuesday

  • The last week has taught me a LOT: about community, grieving, grieving with hope, and grieving with community. What a blessing. I have MUCH more to say about that, as you might imagine. Stay tuned...
  • Speaking of grieving (kind of joking) my iPhone quit working Saturday. It was right before the funeral, so all was in perspective. It is currently in a box in a FedEx warehouse waiting to be replaced by my nearest Apple store (200 miles away). Under warranty, all free (so far).
  • 11 years ago today was also a Tuesday and by this time of night, I was cuddling a GINORMOUS newborn little boy who screamed his way into the world about 5:30 a.m. He was pretty grouchy, and basically displeased with this planet for the first 3 years of life, and still has to set the rest of us straight on occasion. He is now one of my greatest joys and I'm so thankful for him. Happy birthday, little man. It's going too fast.
  • Since my baby is 11 years old, that means in 3 days I've been married 16 years. Yay!
  • Can't believe Thanksgiving is next week and Christmas is 5 weeks away. Wow. Who's ready? Not me!

That is all. For now.


Yvonne said...

Happy Birthday Riley!

Linda said...

Hey Sarah,
Have a Happy 16th Anniversary! Hope you have something special planned.

dad said...

And what a great day 11-18-97 was! I will always remember your calling first thing in the morning of what would have been Maxine's birthday with the wonderful news, and how honored we were by your choice of names.

That great little guy continues to bring us huge joy.

We wish you and Troy a wonderful anniversary.

Roxanne said...

For Riley:

Birthday, birthday, birthday. It's your birthday. Have a happy, happy, happy, happy birthday. Woo-Hoo!

That is from a singing card I got. . .it's better when you can hear the little song, but that'll have to do. I cannot believe you are 11 years old, dude!!!!!
Happiest of anniversaries. . .I was about to comment on all that I remember about your wedding, but I'll just say have a GREAT anniversary!!!!!! Love you--and that man you married too.

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