It's Friday, But Sunday's Coming!

This is another often-googled phrase that lands folks on my blog. "It's Friday but Sunday's coming" is a speech that Tony Campolo has made very well-known (I assume he also wrote it). The gist of it is that while this world is dark and evil, we have a hope of resurrection. It begins with the cross -- on Friday when Jesus died. But, oh, HALLELUJAH! Sunday is, indeed, coming.

Google points folks to my blog because I titled this post "It's Friday but Sunday's Coming" last year about this time when Baby Levi was born. I so needed to be reminded of the promise of a resurrection, as well as a precious punkin' baby. I still do, I suppose. I can certainly always stand to be reminded of my eternal hope, and to kiss a baby head never hurts, either.


Denise W said...

Amen and amen! Sunday's coming!

mad4books said...

I wept like a big ol' baby when they showed this at Hope Church of Christ one Sunday night!

Like a big ol' baby.

That reminds me. Sunday's comin'...and I need to keep tissues in my purse since I cry nearly every time we sing.


Melanie said...

I am certainly glad that Sunday is coming! Hooray!
I also wanted to comment about your Friday Fitness, but I thought I'd leave my comment here so you'd see it. You are certainly right about healthy food being expensive! I try to be a frugal shopper but it's hard to do that and buy healthy food. Then I remind myself that the cost of being overweight and getting heart disease will be much more expensvie. Much, much more expensive!

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