I Don't Do Sympathy

8:07 a.m. Thing 1 approaches

Thing 1: "Both of my legs feel like they're broken."

Teacher: "Well, it's a good thing you only need to be sitting at your desk right now."

10:23 a.m. Thing 1 returns

Thing 1: "My head and ears hurt."

Teacher: "Okay. I'm glad your legs are better!"


dad said...

This is a marvelous example of quick thinking! I am proud of you, and can see why you were born to be a mom and a teacher!

Tammy M. said...

Sarah, I could only dream to have wit like yours. My standard response when someone was saying something ugly to me when I was a little girl, was yea...so... I am sure you always had the awesome comeback.

Roxanne said...

YOUR Thing One and Thing Two are a heck of a lot cuter than the ones I have. If one was wearing a really low-cut top revealing her perky bust and cleavage while the other was wearing really baggy pants revealing his boxers, then that would be closer to mine.

Too funny. . .

Ashleigh said...

Your Thing 1's and Thing 2's always crack me up! Just what I needed on this wonderful morning-sick day... :smile:

Kendra said...

Well, you'll quickly learn to do sympathy if I even began to tell you about a tenth of MY day in room 24. Rain, hail, picture day of kids that look like drowned rats, lightning, screaming kids, canceled special classes, kids with no meds, booth of flying money, 45 minutes of duck and cover, crying kids, kids laughing at crying kids, tornado sirens, yelling teacher, parents calling to check on crying/laughing kids, mad dad, terrified kid, dad goes to principal, and that is the Cliff's notes version. OH MY!

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