News From Lake Wobegon...

  • I craved a CARROT!! Yes, indeed, since I have no access to any local news media, you will have to suffer through this tidbit of information. I just wanted something light and a little bit crunchy and sweet and... Hey! a carrot sounds so good. Yes, I know, it was the craziest thought I've ever had. I know some of you think I'm some health-freak that craves sprouts and fruit all day, but NO, I crave popcorn and chips and salsa, and Hot Tamales candy if it's a REAL bad day. Never anything that grows. So, this was big news. If I EVER crave tuna (NOT happenin') I'm calling CNN. Or the AMA.
  • I had a service person call to tell me what time they would be there! Yes, I had the 12-5 slot, so I was all settled in for the day when he called to say he would be there at 1:30. I could have crawled through the phone to hug the man. Of course, by the time he showed up at 3:20, my enthusiasm had waned. The fact that he also has the wrong equipment to do my job pretty much seals the deal.
  • Lion King! Oh, my word!! Amazing! I can't even begin to describe! Troy's dad took most of the family (my poor nephew got sick and had to miss! Bummer!) to see the broadway production of the Lion King while it was in Austin. PHENOMENAL. The sets. The costumes. The TALENT. Amazing. Indescribable. Wow.
  • I got nothing accomplished on spring break other than play with my kids. No yard work. No organizational prowess. No sewing. No reading. No writing. Playing. Lots of playing. It was grand.

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Roxanne said...

"Time to make the tuna. . ."

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