Like a Fine-Tuned Machine

Today wouldn't have won me any educator awards, but it certainly went more smoothly than many days prior to spring break. We got things done, had time to spare, even took a little stretch-break mid-afternoon 'lest I fall asleep standing up after a fitful night of not-really sleeping. We ended the day at a breezy recess. All in all, very do-able.

My after-school meeting was canceled, I got to many items on my "to-do" list, and was actually on my way out the door on time. For the first time in... ever, I think! One last glance at the plan book showed me that the wheels of my day fell off long ago and I didn't even know it -- my class was supposed to go check books out of the library early this afternoon. It isn't our usual day, but there is a field trip tomorrow, so we rescheduled for today. It's only written in inch-high letters in the plan book that I've been looking at all day.

A good day -- so close, yet so far...


Roxanne said...

Oh, Sarah. . .take it where you can get it. The library will be there on Thursday when you come back. I was scheduled to go to the library on Monday, but since my department chair broke her ankle and I am currently the department chair, well, I kind of forgot.

I am glad that your day was a good one, and isn't it nice to actually be able to BREATHE?

I'm tellin' ya--this is the magic time of year. . .until May. Then it all goes to pot. Enjoy the sunshine.

The Lazy Organizer said...

Oh, I hate it when that happens! I do the same thing. I look at my planner twenty times a day and still forget things. I try.

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