Take Some Control!

Since I didn't post a Fitness Friday last week, I thought I could make my "Works for Me Wednesday" make up for it!

This is a tiny little tip that is a no-brainer for most of us. But I think it helps financially as well as portion-control. My kids are getting to the age that spring break gave me a panic attack about how I'm going to feed them for a week since they seem to eat non-stop after school until they go to bed. So, on my last week's grocery trip, I invested in a few more pre-packaged snack-type things than I usually do: applesauce, peanut-butter cracker, etc. I also got a HUGE bag of some really good (i.e., high dollar) trail mix. Wanting that bag to actually last until, you know, SPRING BREAK, I opened it and used a 1/3 c. scoop to scoop some into a zippered snack bag. I divided the WHOLE 3 pound bag into 1/3 c. snack bags and put all of the smaller bags into one gallon-size bag with a friendly reminder from mom to only have one per day (like I did to the peanut-butter crackers, etc.)
Not only does it help make those things last longer, but the kids (or grown-ups!) don't sit down for mindless eating and eat half the bag before they realize it.
Merci cuts up her salad veggies when she gets home from the store so that she will have a bag full of ready-to-eat salad veggies to toss together instead of eating a bag full of chips while trying to decide what would be healthy to eat! (Put the tomatoes in their own separate bag). What a great idea!
With a little planning ahead and thought (while you aren't STARVING), you can not only stretch your grocery dollar, but have ready-to-eat healthy food in it's own package waiting for you! It works for me!

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(You'll have to wait a little longer to see what I decided! :-)

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Stephanie said...

I love that idea! When we head out on road trips I make our own gourmet trail mix - large can mixed nuts, bag of m&m's and handfuls of raisins. Easy breezy!

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