Not On My Radar

Last night, after my mental health day, Troy took Ashley for a soccer evaluation, but left the TV turned on to the news. I was cooking dinner and listening, as is my practice. When the news went off, "Inside Edition" came on and since I had raw meat hands, I didn't go do anything about it.

I decided that the following is a partial list of subjects that, not only do I not care about, but I am annoyed when they take up air space around me:
  • How much Rosie hates Donald
  • How much Donald hates Rosie
  • Anything "American Idol" (I know, I'm treading on thin ice with this one)
  • What kind of flowers were at Anna Nicole Smith's funeral and precisely what kind of pharmaceuticals were in her room at the time of her death
  • The identity of the sixth man to claim paternity of Anna Nicole Smith's child
  • The follicular arrangement OR undergarment shortcomings of Britney Spears

I realize that each of these items represent a child of God, a soul on this earth, and I should care. But, I don't. Denise is on a mission to be Britney's only real friend in the world who will tell her she is making poor choices, and I support her with all of my being. But, besides my own, I have 2 little souls under my own roof I am trying to nurture, as well as one other big soul I am called to be a "help-meet" for! Then there are the 22 little souls in room 24 that, God love them, take up much of my prayer time. So, I am full. I am full of subjects to concern myself with. If the above list calls out to you as a mission project, go with God. I know those folks need Him.


Tammy M. said...

Britney does need a real friend who knows the King.

Rebecca said...

I personally don't feel any sort of pull to listen in on the messed-up lives of total strangers in L.A. or N.Y. But I do pray for Britney. I think maybe it's the kids and the Disney-dominated childhood that get to me.

Roxanne said...

I feel more than a little sorry for Britney as well. Mainly because I think the whole reason she is wigging out is because there may ACTUALLY be a deep bone in her body as opposed to the 2 million other really shallow people that make up the programming of Inside Edition.

Otherwise, I'm with ya. . .

Denise W said...

At least Brittney is now PAYING a couselor (Christian?) to tell her the truth. That's a step in the right direction....

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