Life With My 'Tween

I'm sure on command from her father, the 'Tween entered the laundry room with a hand full of detritus from the car to throw away. As a bystander busy with the sorting and folding of laundry, I had a front-row seat as she held the objects over an empty trash can, somewhat shaking them to and fro, looking expectantly at me.

"Yes?" I questioned, very much afraid of what the answer may be. "I'm waiting for someone to put a trash bag in the trash can," was the precise reply I was afraid of and received.

I gasped excitedly: "Does that WORK???" I grabbed some dryer lint, shook it over the empty trash can, and waited for the trash bag fairy to do her stuff.

When no trash bag magically appeared in the trash can, I suggested the 'Tween try a more conventional method of actually placing a trash bag in there herself. She was less than amused. I, however, am still cracking up.


Roxanne said...

So good. . .I can imagine that conversations very similar to that took place over on Briarmoor about 27 years ago?

Kudos to you for being quick on the draw.

Denise W said...

Yep, that's funny. Is that the same fairy that folds the laundry?

Anne Jones said...

The trash bag fairy at our house has a name...Nathaniel!

dad said...

You never got to know your great- grandfather Frank Koelling, but he had a pithy saying: "When you have your own kids is when you pay for your upbringing."

In Ashley's defense, when I was her age (and truth be told, much older) I never even gave a thought to how I would drop clothing in the hamper and next thing I knew it was in my drawer. So you can see each generation pays back the one before.

Kendra said...

and we wonder why they roll their eyes?!

judy said...

I love those tween girls. Send her over.

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