You Might Be a Redneck...

Antique Mommy tells of Tuna, a quaint little small town where her in-laws live and everyone knows your name. Bankers are happy for your business and you can get some therapy with a make-over.

My little town is Tuna in disguise. Oh, we're big enough for our bank tellers to not really care when you show up, and we have our fair share of stoplights. Sometimes it even takes 12 whole minutes to drive "clear across town". But we are Tuna at heart.

I've always suspected it. While, sadly, this is the largest town I've ever held permanent residence in, it's really just a Tuna, but without all of the courtesy. What really drove this point home for me was the news tonight.

Our LEAD STORY on the local news is that ... (drumroll, please) we are getting 7-11 stores. Wake the kids, phone the neighbors, we're getting 7-11's.

That said, can I hear it for an Icee and a Big Gulp?


Merci said...

Hooray for Icees and Big Gulps! Not to mention cheap gas! ;) We actually got excited when we got a 7-11 on the corner near us because they do sell the cheapest gas. I remember pre-kids when we were gas snobs and only got our gas at Conoco 'cause we thought 7-11 gas was so cheap 'cause it was "watered down" or something. Boy are those days long gone! Let's hear it for gas - watered down or not, cheap is good!

Roxanne said...

PLEASE don't tell me they are doing away with the K-Bob's. . .oh the horror.

jessica said...

Are you serious? There's nothing better to report? Gotta love our great city!

nathaniel said...

With the impending demise of the Skinny's store's name, I am compelled to tell two Skinny's stories lest they make no sense when 7-11 arrives.

Several years ago, this town had a chain of convenience stores called (and I am not making this up)"Fatso's." Then along came a new name. I am not sure if the Fatso's company saw the writing on the wall or if another company bought the chain, but I vividly remember the Fatso's convenience store on the corner of N10th and Judge Ely with a vinyl sign hung in front of the red Fatso's sign it read "Skinny's". I wish I had been living in the age of digital cameras, because that was a 10-thousand word picture.

Now to prove that we really are in Tuna I will tell another Skinny's story.

Shortly after graduating from ACU, I was put on a jury. A young black man was being charged with robbery. This case had been tried before but was being retried because the local DA had been accused of impropriety. Because of this, some DAs were brought in from out-of-town.

During the trial, the jury heard many colorful nick-names of various people involved in the crime. Such as Bear and Slim. At one point a witness was telling the DA that she had seen the defendant earlier in the day at Skinny's. The DA looked at her puzzled and said "Skinny's? WHO IS SKINNY???" The witness didn't miss a beat and said in a strong inner-city-accent "Skinny's con-veeen-ience sto-ore!" The entire courtroom had a good laugh at the out=of-town DA's expense.

So long Skinny's!

David Scott said...

Big Gulp? C'mon, Sarah. After a hard day with the kids why not treat yourself to a bladder busting 52oz X-treme Gulp.

Tammy M. said...

I have always found the name "skinny's" for a convenience store quite strange. I have always missed our circle k's and 7-11's from the big city.
I loved on the news last night where a woman said that she like's to eat lunch at the 7-11, then the next guy said they had great coffee. I feel a new location for coffee group. We have all seen it before, people hanging out talking in front of the local quick-mart, that could be us, and you wouldn't have to go anywhere else for your diet coke. It would be a one stop shop and coffee house.

Val said...
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