Very Slumping

Remember Junie B.? When mean Warren wouldn't invite her to his birthday party? We ended with Junie's feelings hurt, so her friend Grace patted her real gentle and let her sit by the window. The next chapter is titled "Very Slumping".

I walked home from the bust stop very slumping.
Very slumping is when your shoulders are sad. And your head can't
hold up that good.
Grandma Miller was in the nursery.
She babysits me and my baby brother in the afternoon.
His name is Ollie.
I love him a real lot. Except I wish he didn't live at my actual

I started this to talk about "very slumping" and how I get that, but I think I want to talk about loving people that you wish didn't live at your actual house. Ever have those moments? Remember when I mentioned that there are some Sundays that I can either be real or I can be warm and welcoming, but not both. Yesterday was one of those days. And most of the people that I love more than my own life I did, in fact, wish they didn't live at my actual house. Including myself. Does anyone have an extra bedroom that isn't being occupied by a Katrina or Rita evacuee'? Seriously, if you'll cook for me and do your own laundry, you probably shouldn't tell me -- I may be there before dinner!

Still simply miserably hot -- we tied a heat record yesterday --104*. Doesn't that just make you think of pumpkins, trick-or-treating, and caramel apples? Me neither. So, just to grieve that only in our schedules is it not summer, here's a moment of reminiscing for you:

These pictures were taken the middle of August, shortly after it had rained off and on for 3 days and it was about 85*. It's now the end of September, I don't think we've had a drop of rain all month, and it's 104*.


Karene said...


I didn't know how good I had it in the summer (til now). I miss the pool and all the pool chats. I really miss the ease of the summer and the fact that now I feel like a one legged woman in a hiney kicking contest.

I would gladly keep the hot weather if we could go back to the summer schedule!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of very slumping. . .pray, pray, pray for my brother and his wife. . .they SERIOUSLY don't want to live in an actual house together right now, and seeing as how they are about 29 years older than Junie B., they might actually make it so.


Anonymous said...

And not quite as serious as the collapse of a family member's marriage, but just as "slumping" was the recovery of my toiletry bag from the back of said truck where we accidentally left it. It weathered the storm, but was a soggy, warm, smelly ordeal. I did okay throwing away my BRAND new inhaler that was only out of the box because the box had disentigrated, along with a nearly brand new bottle of children's Motrin and another nearly brand new bottle of children's Tylenol, along with another prescription that had gotten wet, but when I discovered that my blush and all three of my very most favorite Mary Kay eye shadows were a slimy mess, I made an unspellable noise and just cried. The eye shadows that broke the camel's (or mommy's/wife's/sister's)back so to speak.


Sarah said...

After the last week, you simply needed a catalyst to unleash the stress and eye shadow, Motrin, and an inhaler work as well as anything else. Totally understandable.

Does anyone else try to pronounce the words we have to type in to post a message? The current one is "bkooqqk". And written in that fancy-wavy-style, it makes me think of Dory in "Finding Nemo" trying to speak whale. It's late, I'm tired -- can you tell?

Lisa C said...

I was laughing out loud this morning as I read your comment about sounding out the word verifications. They certainly do seem to be whalish, maybe orca?
Thanks for making me laugh.
By the way, I agree with the others on your post about blogger stress. You should say no. The most frustrating thing is being involved in a ministry that you don't have a heart for, especially if it isn't needed!!
lisa c

Anonymous said...

I think my unspellable noise may have been a little "orka-ish." And I will also admit that at one point in our trip I was tempted to sing, "Just keep driving. Just keep driving. Just keep driving, driving, driving. What do we do? We drive."


Anonymous said...

I miss the wonderful time had by all at the pool!!! Today Abbie asked if we could go after we picked up Bubba :( Is this what people mean about the lazy days of summer? At the time we were rushing to meet yall at the Swim Club (best money I EVER spent), and kids were begging for candy, snow cones, ring pops, etc. and it was time to figure out something to cook for supper...
I love the pictures and I love the way our kids like each other.

Anonymous said...

Hey. . .buy a CASE of Ring Pops at Sam's in May and make everyone at swim club happy. :)


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