While I see God's fingerprints everywhere, I would really appreciate one of those fingers pushing this heat wave elsewhere. 97* days are for when the pool is open. Will it ever be fall or are we just going to move directly into winter? I would take directly into winter, too. Every afternoon at 3:00 I leave my warm-ish office to get in my broiling hot car that doesn't cool down before I get to the kids' school where I get out and stand in more broiling heat to get back into the broiling car. I get home at 3:30 soaking wet, miserable, and very grouchy. Pleasant way to start my afternoon time with my family.


Sunday morning I talked Ashley through making scrambled eggs. Monday morning she made them (for herself AND her brother) without me even knowing! Very handy. I wonder what else I can teach her to cook?


Why does the excessively conscientious person who drives 5 mph UNDER the posted speed limit in front of me not mind running the stop light in front of me leaving me sitting there? I guess we all pick which rules we will follow.


Anne said...

I could sure enjoy some cooler weather myself! And let me know next time Ashley is cooking so I can be sure to get some of those eggs too! :)

Amanda said...

Hummm....french toast is pretty easy...I bet she could do that. :o)

Anonymous said...

Broiling, indeed. . .which is why we are planning on "evacuating" to Momma and Daddy's house so we don't have to sit in a BROILING house in the dark! :) Right now our district hasn't yet decided if they are going to cancel classes for Thurs. and Fri., but since several day cares have shut down for tomorrow and Fri., there are going to be lots of teachers without childcare available. Hmmmmm.

Although I am not too concerned about physical damage to my house, I do not relish the thought of no power.

Victoria is NOT happy about leaving. Thad could care less--he just wants to ride the tractor with Pop. :)


Lisa C said...

I will tell you what else the heat makes enjoyable... Sunday mornings! I think it has been up to or over 100 the last two days here and it was close on Sunday. I expect to sweat during church, wrestling my sweet babies, but on the way there??!!
Just had to vent!
I enjoy checking your blog, even when I don't have time to comment.
Love from monroe,
lisa c

Anonymous said...

Sarah, yes teach Ashley to cook. Jenna now cooks supper quite often around here and it's so nice to have a break. She also doesn't complain about what we are having because she picks it. She can do a couple of different casseroles and breakfast pizza. Of course freezer food like fish sticks... its still nice not to have to do it. Also trying to teach her that cleaning up is also part of cooking. Good luck with Ashley!!! melissa

Tammy M. said...

Roxanne -
Good luck with your evacuation. No electricity in and of itself is reason to evacuate. I will be praying for your family.
Love , Tammy

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