Now What?

Denise -- get a blog! :-) Obviously emotions are running high about the aftermath of Katrina -- from the horrors on the news to what we pay at the pump. So what do we do now? No, I didn't ask what should the government do or where have they failed? I mean, we each have plenty of passion and emotion about it. What will I do with that? Gripe about a lack of government intervention? I'm tempted to gripe about people who live in a bowl that requires 3 pumps on a dry day to keep them dry continuing to live there. But that isn't very productive. My dad, an elder at Forsythe Avenue Church of Christ in Monroe, LA, says that the elders and ministers there are praying for eyes to see what needs to be done. Today a man walked into my dad's real estate office looking for a house to rent -- he and his wife had left New Orleans and lost everything and they need a house now.

Do you have a plan? How will you put your energy and frustration to work to help these people?

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