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Okay, I was going to be finished with Katrina blogs, but then I heard on the NBC Nightly News that democrats are calling for a 9/11 Commission-style investigation into what went wrong and who is to blame here. Now that I have quite an audience of blog-readers, some who don't know me personally -- I will give a disclaimer that I in no way think that any human deserves the conditions that occurred in NOLA last week. It is a tragedy of the worst proportion. That said, allow me to save the taxpayers several million dollars on what a 9/11 Commision-style investigation would find. In summary:

When people put their lives in the hands of Louisiana politicians, Katrina and it's aftermath is about the best you can hope for.

There. In lieu of the millions of dollars you would have spent on that study, I will offer that conclusion for the bargain price of $750,000. Contact me for where to deposit.

I have also found that Katrina has given parents new lecture material: "There are children sleeping on cots in the Astrodome that got a Salvation Army dinner (it helps that the Stirman family has received a few of those) that just WISH they had a dining room table to clear off or dishes to unload from the dishwasher!!" Parenthood has no boundaries to the depths it will stoop.

This concludes the majority of my blogging on Katrina. Great things are happening and entire websites are devoted to that. Check in here for such superficial discussions as: does anyone really brew tea anymore?


dad said...

I received one of the new lecture comments this evening. I went straight from work to the church to meet with Jason, elders, and deacons to discuss how to get a large food/water distribution coordinated. After many phone calls and lots of discussion, I looked at my watch at 7:20 and said "I'm hungry". To which Jason responded "so are the people we're trying to help!" So I shut up.

Anonymous said...

Yes, your know I brew tea!! But that is only for company. My family, and this includes visiting grandparents, get a choice of bottled water, tap water, or milk.

Tammy M. said...

My teapot broke about 6 months ago, maybe I need to buy a new one.

Anonymous said...

I do, indeed, brew tea. . .it is my one of my favorite beverages--although I prefer the iced variety. I do half caf/half de-caf. Lipton. . .yum!!!

Hurricane Katrina. . .oh my--we are getting everything on the news. People want an instant solution to enormous problems, (I see this a lot in public education as well--the state legislature of Texas cannot even agree on an education budget after they have spent millions in three separate special sessions) and the fact is there are none. I think we are learning a valuable lesson here. . .

Government is a great thing--but sometimes even a government is overwhelmed (an it is always slow moving). My Momma has always said, "If you want a job done right, do it yourself." And that's what people all over the nation are doing right now. We are stepping out of our "comfort zone boxes" and helping.


Anonymous said...

And Mike, even though others are hungry, I think a trip to Subway was COMPLETELY called for by 7:20 at night. :)


Amanda said...

I brew tea! I have a teapot on my stove at all times for whenever the urge arises.

Thanks for keeping us updated on what churches are doing in your area to help out. Amidst all of the bad news there has to be some good, and you are helping share it!

TCS said...

thanks for the link and the encouragement you have given Dee. She e-mailed me twice about it.

I brew tea...for iced tea.

Your $750,000 will be paid in tea bags.

This will be an extremely long haul to recover the losses of Katrina. And thanks for the parenting tip.

Anonymous said...

tcs completely cracked me up.

"Your $750,000 will be paid in tea bags."

Thanks for the chuckle.


Ve said...

Sarah, you are so funny. You crack me up!! Yes, and we brew tea here, as you might know :-).

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