Riley the Comedian

As I mentioned in Riley's Aspirations, one of his goals in life is to be a comedian. If our family is any indication, he is well on his way. A few weeks ago I said, "Riley, you make me laugh." He got a big, self-satisfied grin on his face and replied, "Mom, that is music to my ears." If you have known me for a while you know that I generally have a "Riley story". I actually had forgotten one until someone else mentioned it this weekend:

Riley and I stayed home from church when he had a sore throat one Sunday night. Ashley was at Bible Bowl and Troy went to praise team practice. Trying to get a glimpse into his ever-growing spiritual self, I questioned him about ways he may want to be involved in a church body:
"Riley, how do you want to be involved in church when you get a little older? Would you like to be a singer, like Daddy, or. . . " (pause as I realize maybe he doesn't want to follow in his father's musical footsteps, and trying to figure what church work is better suited to his personality).
Riley finishes up for me: "Or, I could be a sitter, like those 5,000 other people!"
What do you say to that?

Then there was the time that Riley was fixing his hair in my bathroom as we all scurried to get ready for church. On one trip into the bathroom I glanced at my watch and exclaimed, "Oh my gosh!" Riley continues to do his hair while gazing into the mirror, in a very Arthur Fonzarelli manner, and replies, "I'm not 'oh my gosh!' I'm 'ooh-la-la'." Confidence is no problem. Humility, on the other hand. . .


Tammy M. said...

Riley is never at a loss of a laugh!

Amanda said...

that is too funny!

I just love kids!

Anonymous said...

Yes, well having known several "Rileys" in my day (only the name was at the end instead of the beginning), I am quite confident from where that pithy sense of humor comes. You named him appropriately, Miss Riley. :)


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