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You've been asked to help start a ministry at your church. You are skilled in this area of ministry but a) are already stretched to your breaking point involved in other ministries and b)don't really see the need for this particular ministry at your church at this time. Without any further details -- what do you do?


Anonymous said...

You say, a) no (I have actually managed to do this a time or two but beware the guilt monster), b) I will be glad to do that if there is someone to take my place in ministries x,y,and z, c) I can't but I know the PERFECT person for the job.

When we started attending Memorial, we had one of those service forms to fill out. Having been VERY involved at West U, I still wanted to be involved at Memorial but having added a full time job to my mix knew I couldn't do all I had done before. Atleast not right now. I am a Bible Hour helper, a nursery worker, helped teach Ladies' class this summer, bring canned goods etc. for Medina, and send cards to the shut-ins each month.

Although I am reasonably good at teaching children (seeing as how that's my "real" job), I COULD do it, but didn't sign up for that one. That was one of my "no's." The other was to be a Bible Hour Leader--which means I'm in charge for a whole month. Just too overwhelming--for right now. I suffered guilt for days over the change in tone of the ladies' voice who asked me to do it. . .but I got over it and am so glad I said no at this time.
I WILL do those things some day, but have burned out too many times and know the damage it can do.

Do you WANT to do this? Is there a ministry that you would RATHER do that you are gifted in as well and already doing? Can it wait? Can what they want be absorbed by an already existing ministry?

I, knowing what a wonderfully involved gal you are, also know that you've taken on a "part time" job that involves a lot of changes for you. Remember that the apostles set up the whole "deacon" system so that jobs could be managed without them being stretched too thin and even Jesus needed a break every now and then.

I also remember the words of Marilyn Castles (a very wise woman at West U) ringing in my ears. "Just because you can't do it today doesn't mean you can't do it someday. Your children and your husband are your most important ministries right now. You take care of them, they will grow up, and you will be even better prepared for what God will have for you to do then."

She's a smart lady, as are you.


Tammy M. said...

Busyness is one of the devils most used tools. If I were in a position where I needed to make a choice such as this, I would pray about it and let the Spirit give me direction on it, if God wants you to do it He will convict your being to do it, but I also think that He will convict you of what you need to stop doing in it's place. We can easily lose sight of what is important, investing time, not just quality time but quantity time in family, having time just to be still and know, ponder and meditate, all for the sake of not wanting or feeling like we can't say no. There will always be someone who is willing and able to fill that position if it is willed by God, and it doesn't always have to be you.

brother Kevin said...


a) say, "No thank you."

b) say, "No thank you."


you ALSO let them know that someone else needs to take your place in ministries x,y,and z and regain some MARGIN in your life. (you obviously have SOME as you seem to be "blogging" quite a

Anonymous said...

Kevin is the perfect person for the job. I nominate him. :)


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