A thought

Perhaps I can save those study-people even more money. I now realize why we, as a nation, are getting fatter every year. Forget the fact that we are spending countless hours in front of our computers (reading Sarah's blog), or that we get the majority of our meals from a sliding window and then eat them in our car . No, we eat them while driving our car and talking on our cell phone.

In my shopping this week I purchased some vanilla and lavendar scented fabric softener. I have some kind of spice-smelling hand soap and vanilla scented lotion. We are getting fatter because we have made everything in our house smell like a chocolate chip cookie and no one can go all day smelling cookies and not have at least one!


Anonymous said...

There is an ad campaign on Houston's bulletin boards. One is a picture (cartoon style) of a guy driving with one hand while holding a burger that is spilling it's contents all down his shirt.

The caption reads

"The World's Riskiest Restaurant"

You know, my house smells like peaches--which are a lot healthier than chocolate chip cookies, however I don't crave the former NEARLY as much as the latter. :)


Anonymous said...

Those would be billboards--not bulletin boards. I am currently under the influence of two different inhalers (having been "officially" diagnosed with asthma yesterday--big surprise for the Queen Wheezer) and a very strong antibiotic and 10 years of teaching.


Amanda said...

That's too funny....I used to have candles going all the time, but I don't do that much anymore. Now my house smells like laundry, I guess. Which is probably a good thing because I don't know anyone that would want to eat soap!

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