I Lied

I can't possibly be totally through with Katrina stories. Riley got a new little boy in his 2nd grade class this week. His name is Ryan. Riley can't tell me much, except that Ryan is from Louisiana and he did leave because of the hurricane. "A tree fell on his house and broke his house." I've been in Texas way too long -- I was thinking of the times that mesquite limbs have broken off and torn up a few shingles on the house. Then I got this picture from dad:

That house is seriously broken. It made me think of poor Ryan, and his sister, Courtney. They are exactly my kids' ages. From the flood, I know that when the parents can't make heads or tails of their lives and situations, it's unbelievably hard on the kids. Ryan and Courtney thought they would be going to 2nd and 4th grades in south Louisiana and now they're in west Texas. I don't know their last names, or why they're here (besides the obvious), but say a prayer for Ryan and Courtney, and the mommy and daddy that have had to change the course of their whole lives.

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