I Can See the Fingerprints of God

I have had this thought/ phrase running through my head all weekend: "I can see the fingerprints of God". Yes, it's a song by Steven Curtis Chapman. But I have thought just of that phrase all weekend -- then yesterday on the way home from church I heard the song. Good thing I don't believe in coincidence, huh?

There are so many things to tell you that made me think of that, so I will simply touch on the highlights:
  • At a Gaither concert (Friday night in Lubbock) watching as people ranging in ages from 9 or 10 to 70 or 80 (and then some) worshipped the Lord together -- hands lifted high, eyes closed, tears streaming. The response from people when I tell them I went to a Gaither concert has ranged from "I can't stand that crap" to "That music just stirs my soul" and my own anticipation of going was somewhere right in the middle -- but you can't be among people sincerely worshipping and not see the fingerprints of God.
  • Sunday morning as Troy was honored to sing with Hallal and all of our parents were here, sitting with me and my children and another church friend and her children sat with us, I saw the fingerprints of God as we all sat and worshipped as family.
  • A broken man, confessing to his church family of the sinful life he longs to leave and the faithful wife who weeps with him have the fingerprints of God all over them.
  • Healed marriages that have been where that wounded couple has been show the healing power of God's fingerprints.
  • The one that made me think there is truly a man at my church walking around with a fingerprint of God on him -- a few weeks ago doctors found what they believed to be a cancerous lesion on the back of Ken's eye. Completely losing the eye was one of the surgical options tossed around. Prayers were prayed with fervor. At Ken's follow-up, the doctor said, "There's some sort of stain there, but there's nothing cancerous or anything to worry about." I told Ken, "That's God's fingerprint left there to testify to His healing power."

I am so thankful for evidences of God to testify to His power.


Anne said...

Sarah..thanks for reminding me to look for God's fingerprints. I can see them too, on my heart that is healing after the loss of my precious children, and I know without a doubt that His fingerprints are also on the tiny life that is living and growing inside of me now! A gift from God Himself!

Sarah said...

Sweet Anne -- and, yes, I thought of you having God's fingerprints all over you. Some came in times of horrible hurt and hopefully brought healing and some came to bring new life. Didn't know if you were ready for me to share your trials here, but you truly have God's fingerprints all over you and your family.

When I told my mother your news she, of course, bawled and said, "I don't know about them, but I don't know how much more of this I can go through!" We're all on our knees for you, Nathaniel, Natalie, and the new baby.

Anne said...

Sarah: Feel free to share as much as you would like. It is healing when encouragement is brought to others as I share my trials. I need good to come from all of the pain, and I think God has plans for me and my story. I know He will use my struggles and story for His glory! So share as you would like...God is at work!

Send my love to your mom...I know that she prays for me daily, and that means so much! There is no doubt in my mind that God is hearing my name repeated each day as we pray for healing and for the tiny life inside of me.

Thanks Sarah, for all of the encouragement you provide for me!

dad said...

What a privilege it was to witness those fingerprints with you this weekend! Your readers are seeing another one of His fingerprints in the talent He has given you for putting down your thoughts so eloquently.

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