Marriage Monday: Let's Talk!

Look at me! Posting Marriage Monday on Monday! Get outta town!

Next thing you know I may even be taking my coupons to the store and USING them! But let's not get carried away...

Today's post is just a quick little idea that I am stealing borrowing from my favorite "date-your-spouse" site, The Dating Divas (sure, they really are my favorite -- but how many "date-your-spouse" sites are out there? Thank you, Dating Divas, for realizing what we all need!)

On this post, Corie planned a fun evening at home for her and her man: some treats and games. But her game was simply "let's talk." Nothing says "night-o-fun" to a guy like "let's talk" -- however, she cut up some pre-printed questions, had them at the ready, and spent time learning even more about her husband of 16 years.

As I read over the questions, I realized that after 19 years of marriage, I might pass on how Troy would answer, but some of them I don't know. Some of them he may not know.  I probably won't save these for "Date Night" -- I may pull out 2 or 3 every night before he completely shuts his brain off in the evenings. Just a way to touch base without the usual yammering about what is or isn't happening in our day.
So I made mine. In 5 minutes. On a Monday -- in which I had a splitting headache. So it is not cute, like this one. Alas, it is done. I did search for ribbon that I used to own, and still might, but it is packed in boxes somewhere. But it will work.

I also really like that it came from this original idea: "Hot Topics" -- a dinnertime conversation starter. You know I am all about eating dinner together as a family on a regular basis. Sometimes we are so tired we just shovel our food in and not much is said. These would be great to just pass out one per meal. It would only take one, because someone would have to argue why the answer was the most ridiculous thing in the world, I would have to retrain about manners and respect, and the evening would be a success!

Obviously this isn't rocket science for a Marriage Monday, but I thought it was fun.

Do you have any easy date night ideas?

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