Marriage Monday: Celebrating 19!

I know -- going to have to start actually POSTING Marriage Mondays on Monday to call them Marriage Mondays! and I have a PLAN to make that happen -- just not this week. :-)

And this week, Monday fell on my 19th wedding anniversary. So I had to look back and reminisce about how far we have come -- and think about where we are going.
I asked Troy if we thought we had any idea what we were in for. "Not a clue." Nope, not a clue.
People that really know me before they know Troy think of him as a little too serious and somber. The most gracious of people see me -- on the outside -- as an encourager who loves to laugh. And I do! But sometimes life piles on top of my head and it's just too much. Without the support and encouragement of my husband, reminding why I do what I do and what God has called me to do, life would have long ago ceased being sparkly, beautiful, or funny.  I don't want to imagine the me I would be without him.

Those that know Troy well and meet me later know him to be kind and encouraging, and a man of unflagging integrity. They even know him to be one to pull a practical joke or two in his time. I admire his work ethic and unyielding honesty. He has a standard for himself that is above reproach. I'm so thankful to have him to hold me accountable and to walk next to in this life.

Our path has not been perfect, and our steps have stumbled as often as they have been sure. But our marriage is the best example of God's grace making something beautiful out of a potential mess -- especially considering He had our 23 year old selves to start with. But I cannot discount the homes that we came from -- the model of godly marriages we both were blessed to live with. That marriage means forever. In good times and bad. Sickness and health. Until death do we part. My blessings overflow.

Thank you, Troy, for believing in me when I don't believe in myself. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for showing me how it's done. Thank you, Mike and Linda, for showing my husband what a godly marriage is. Thank you, Lord, for all of these things.

See why it's a good idea to get married right before Thanksgiving? There is just so much to be thankful for! :-)

When do YOU think is the best time to get married?


Roxanne Langley said...

For SOME reason I just never viewed Troy as serious even though I knew you WAY first. A man who HATES to have his taco slimed by a Taco Bell employee as much as your dad HATES to be aked to "pull forward, please" by a McDonald's employee. :) And THANK GOODNESS none of us know what we're in for--it would make the day less enjoyable. The wedding day is just the first step into marriage--the bon voyage from your starting out life into your "happily ever after" life. No always happy--but with God's help, ALWAYS "ever after." So glad to know and be known by both of you--to love and be loved by both of you.

Roxanne Langley said...

And the best time to get married is when you are ready. . .'cause you KNEW that your anniversary would fall on very near a major holiday, but I had NO IDEA that MY anniversary would also be my son's birthday eight year later.

Sarah S. said...

No doubt -- we have sat through many a Thanksgiving feast on our anniversary. Between Riley's birthday 3 days prior, and Thanksgiving the week of, we are frequently lost in the shuffle. So we celebrate all year! :-)

Jamie Kocur said...

About six months to a year after the proposal. :)
Really, it depends on where you live. I live in blazing hot Florida, and did not want a summer wedding. Unfortunately, that was the best time for us. I would have loved a fall wedding, but we live in a football town and the world revolves around it. We didn't feel like competing. Or waiting another two to three months. So I ended up a June bride, no matter how much I didn't want to be.

Mrs. F said...

This is sooo sweet! It sounds like you and your husband's personalities match mine and my husband's personalities :D!!!! Thanks for setting the example by getting married and staying married for years and years :)!!!!

Sarah S. said...

Thanks! It hasn't always been great, but God has been faithful.

Sarah S. said...

I didn't really want to be a June bride, either -- but I just wanted to be a bride! :-) And, yes, pretty pronto after the proposal is a good plan. I think there's no "great" or perfect time to be married or have an anniversary -- the best time to have a wedding is when all of your family can be there for the celebration.

Laalex2 said...

Congratulations! We will be celebrating 31 years next month. What a blessing that you both came from such great families. It really is a huge advantage to have godly marriages modeled to children. God bless!

Bonnie Way said...

Ah, the best time to get married... who knows? :) Occasionally I wish that I had waited to get married, and done a few other things (like travelling) before "settling down," but most of the time, I'm so grateful for my husband. As you've said about yours, mine has also brought wonderful things into my life. We'll be celebrating five years in May, so I hope that our next years together are as wonderful as it sounds like yours have been!

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