New Recipe Posted

As mentioned, I'm starting to almost see the Land of the Living. Hey, y'all -- yes, you, over there in the Land of the Living. Is it okay to cross over? I'm thinkin' about it... I even stayed upright most of Wednesday. Well, if you count sitting on a lounge chair at the pool for 2 hours being 'upright' (and I do).

However, I'm kind of at the point of the mama bear coming out of hibernation in the spring seeing what all havoc the cubs have done to the den while she was sleeping. Feeling a little overwhelmed. In a week from tomorrow I go to She Speaks, then come home for 3 days and take my family to Colorado.

Betwixt here and there I have four articles due, a day to keep an out-of-town friend's child for the day, a Coffee Group planning meeting, and various and sundry other things that must be done for such traveling.

So, I posted a recipe. You should check it out.

When I have some articles written, I will share them with you! Until then, check me out, skirting the edges of the Land of the Living. I will be in and amongst you in no time flat!

One more thing -- is summer busier than ever for anyone else? Is it a function of aging children or what? What is your summer like?


Tammy M. said...

I posted the Hawaiian Roll Sandwich on Recipe Swap after Rene Owen's made them for a potluck in bible class. This recipe let's the marinade sit, where Rene's cooks up right away. Either way I can say these sandwiches are delicious in every way.

Roxanne said...

The water is fine. . .come on in. :) We are headed back to TX today. Summer has been busy, but at least I had one this year. Just remembered that V. has to have booster shots. That'll be a fun trip to the dr.

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