Blog Friends Rock!

Y'all are the best Internets in the whole world! I knew you would pull through. Can't wait to compile all of this music.

a) The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe quote was found by Leslie Ruth and Mike (mlefan). Tammy mentioned the instance I referred to in the movie with Lucy talking to Tumnus, but, as Leslie Ruth pointed out, the movie botched it up pretty good. It's pretty lame compared to the power of the written dialog. For those wondering, it's near the beginning of Chapter 8 in the book when three of the kids are at Beaver's house.

b) According to all of the fab-o input, here is my current playlist thoughts. I will probably have to cull this down to make it fit on a CD.

Shackles by Mary Mary
Signs of Life by Steven Curtis Chapman
Made to Worship by Chris Tomlin
Amazing Grace by Chris Tomlin
Forgive Me by Rebecca St. James
I Am Free by Newsboys or Desperation Band
Free to be Me by Francesca Battistelli
Set Me Free by Casting Crowns
New Law by Derek Webb
Breakdown by Jack Johnson
American Dream by Casting Crowns
I Repent by Derek Webb
Free by Steven Curtis Chapman
Glorious Day by Jeff Johnson
Mirror by Barlow Girl
Free by Ginny Owens
I Will Sing of My Redeemer by Travis Cottrell
I Am Persuaded by Travis Cottrell
Jesus Saves by Travis Cottrell
Cross the Line by SuperChick (or One Girl Revolution, my personal SuperChick fave)

And, if you didn't get Ricky's comments on that post, you missed a pretty good sermon about what freedom DOESN'T mean.

And? since he put this song, completely unrelated to the topic in my mind, here's a freebie:


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Great list. . .post new hair please.

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