God At Work

Today's the day!

Leaving today for She Speaks Conference.

In just a few hours, Troy will drive me to the airport, then take the kids on down the road to camp, then come home and be SOOOOOOOOO lonely! :-) Robert O. from church offered to come over for some prayer time if it just got unbearable! I think Troy will make it.

I wrote at the beginning of this month about how I didn't want to go, not ready, too far off track with my writing, blah-dee-blah... And I prayed. And, obviously, so did some of you. I am so very grateful.

God has brought me not only to a precious place of peace, but He is opening doors and moving in big, wondrous, and some of the strangest ways imaginable! Writing and speaking opportunities are opening -- many that may be MONTHS, possibly years away from completion or fruition, but I know God is at work. So, thank you to my prayer warriors, and please don't stop!

I am ready! (Well, right this moment I am either frantically running like the proverbial headless chicken or waiting in an airport, but...) I am ready to go soak up any word the Lord may have for me. I am ready to learn what He has for me. I am ready to tackle this next work in my life.


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