How Many Ways Am I a Dork? Let Me Count the Ways...

Yesterday was a somewhat (using 'somewhat' as in -- not really) historical day for me: I saw my first ever Indiana Jones movie. Yes, I, a child of the '80's, had never seen Harrison Ford crack a whip until yesterday. Side note to my friend who said they had trouble buying into the last scene: so you were completely on board for the red ants dragging the guy away and the 5 people going over 3 different Niagra-sized waterfalls in an aluminum fishing boat unscathed? It's your 7 bucks... I HAVE seen Indiana Jones run away from a giant rock or ball or something-or-other, and I do know that Sean Connery is his father and that he hates snakes. I've got all that. Just never seen a movie.

So, to show how ignorant I am of much pop culture, I started thinking about the many, many things that I have never seen:

  • Any of the other Indiana Jones movies
  • The only 'Star Wars' movie I have seen is 'Star Wars'. When I was 7, the year it came out.
  • Never seen an episode of "S*x and the City" (nor the movie)
  • Never seen an episode of "Desperate Housewives"
  • Never seen an episode of "The Office"
  • Only watch 'American Idol' the first few weeks with their auditions on location. After that, meh.

So, mock me if you will. I'm just not that into it. More than anything, I think I've figured out, screens -- movie or TV -- are not my way to relax. They're okay in short segments, but to sit for 2 hours makes me twitch. EXCEPT in front of a computer screen. It plays into my ADD. I can do research for a writing project. I can pick out a paint color for my son's bedroom. I can Facebook with the best of 'em. I can read every blog in existence. Whatev. But I don't do plots well anymore. Especially for action stuff. Life is tense enough. If I have to sit for two hours, make me laugh, but don't make my neck hurt from squinching up my shoulders (no, Indiana Jones didn't do that.)

So, my perfect way to relax was pretty much this afternoon: in my pajamas, in my bed, laptop on my lap, punching lots of buttons on the laptop to let it make me crazy, then happy at my whim. That was fun.


Roxanne said...

If you are GOING to see an Indiana Jones movie. . .it NEEDS to be Raiders. . .and I've seen 'em each and every one.

That is all.

dad said...

I was with you up until the part about sitting all afternoon in your PJ's. I've never seen Idol, Lost, Survivor, etc., but sitting around in sleepware during daylight hours is reserved for being in the hospital, which of course I loathe.

I'm unclear about book, chapter, and verse, but I'm pretty sure He spends His day of rest on His motorcycle.

Biddy said...

i didn't start watching sex & the city till it was a rerun. now i'm hooked.

desperate housewives? the first couple of seasons were, not so much.

the office? CAN'T STAND IT! i have no earthly idea why people think it is so incredibly funny.

i'm like you when it comes to american idol. i lose interest quickly.

now, PLEASE tell me you at least watch Grey's Anatomy and/or Brothers & Sisters!

Terral said...

Sarah, I don't watch any of those shows except for the Office. You need to borrow season 1 from one of your friends. I think it has 6 shows on it. It is the funniest show on TV!! How can you not laugh at Dwight Schrewt? I only watch The Office and The Medium. DVR is the only way to watch a show with 3 little ones. What show do you think is really funny Biddy? I didn't give it a chance when it first came out, and then my friend let me borrow each season.

Tammy M. said...

The Office is one of my faves. You already know that, but it took me many seasons to sit through it and now I think it is hysterical.

Stephanie said...

I don't watch it often, but I GET the Office. It's brilliant. And Jenna Fischer is so great.

This was the first season I watched American Idol - got hooked in the beginning when they were singing all those Beatles songs.

Yes to Indiana and all the Star Wars - what can I say? We even own the 6-DVD-set of the StarWars Saga!

Pass on Desperate Housewives... yawn.

I haven't seen a single LOST episode. Another yawn.

Tv? Meh.

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