Dollar Tree Fun

Why is Riley sitting in the middle of the hall and why is my linen closet door open so that I will bonk my head on the door as I walk by?
Oh, well, of course. It's the army guys defending the towels from evil stains and smelly feet.

Bag of army guys from Dollar Tree -- $1
Hours of argue-free fun in the hall on a drizzly summer morning -- priceless.

Updated to add: I've had several comments on the floor and, if you haven't stopped by, this is the wood floor that is my living and dining room and now hall (we had wood floors in the LR and DR before, but nasty carpet in the hall). Pretty much exactly where the Tinkertoy canister is is where the trough went from left to right across the hall during the plumbing excavation. Yes, the wood floor is MUCH better than a trough.


Anne Jones said...

Yea for the Dollar Tree!

And I like your new floor.

Denise W said...


Would that work for Kenny?

Love the floor!

Roxanne said...

Although I have never seen your old floor, I do, indeed, love your new one. . .and when did you inherit the naked baby picture? Seeing it again made me smile.

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