Observations for the Week

  • In Sarah's Happy Universe, only coaches who talk nicely to their players are allowed to win. Thus far this week, my rule has prevailed. We lost tonight, thus ending our own Little League Hell Week. But we lost to a team whose coach talks nicely to his players, so it was okay.

  • There is little as heartbreaking as seeing the pitcher cry. Unless maybe it's seeing the first baseman crying. While the shortstop is crying. And soon the third baseman is crying. We did not go down gracefully, folks.

  • This is how we warmed up for our games. And thus it should be. Thank you, Coach Brady.

  • People spit a lot at lunch meetings.

  • Someone else applying sunscreen to my back is a fairly intimate occurrence. It really bothers me to ask an acquaintance to help. I will contort myself into all sorts of crazy manners to avoid asking for help.

  • In old news, I just saw a clip tonight from Don Cheadle's, of Hotel Rwanda fame, press conference when he met with Kofi Annan in December about the violence in the Darfur region in Africa. I loved this quote: "The problem is not getting better, it's worsening," Cheadle said. "you don't control your papers I know, the editors (do). But we need to press that these stories not be small paragraphs on page 17 but that they at least have as much time as Britney Spears not wearing underwear." He has an excellent point.

  • And today we could add: "... or where Paris Hilton is serving the remainder of her jail sentence."

  • Hell week is over, tomorrow I teach swim lessons to the little bitties and keep my friends, Kenny and Abbie. And Saturday I sleep late. And go to the gym if I wake up in time.

Let Summer officially begin!


Denise W said...

I have the same issue with sunscreen. I usually make Kenny do it and he's a little grossed out to be touching his mom "that way." I a couple of years I guess Abbie will have to do it....

Roxanne said...

Um. . .I've applied sunscreen to your back more than once and felt nothing but. . .sunscreen.

AND, although I am very happy that Paris is on her way back to jail, I think Coach Brady's team warming up deserves time on the front page. Bravo.

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