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I have many things rolling around in my head, most of them way too deep for a blog that is mainly good for a few laughs. (WHY do I always type that word 'laughts' first???) I'm doing quite a bit of writing, but I doubt any of it will end up here.

So I saw this on the news last night. It only begs one question: "Why?"

Remember when this blog was educational? You still remember the definition of "vomitory", right? But no one remembers the definition of decadent. Or they don't care. Because I still hear it all the time implying that I would REALLY want something if it were decadent. Um, no thanks.

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Stephanie said...

I am right there with ya' on the writing... Big deep thoughts swirling churning. Blogging has changed, as I find myself writing more for readers than myself, and wondering, what I should write on the WWW that is "for me." Instead, these days, my big thoughts end up in hand written journals and sketchbooks.

Also - WHY?? Because! Questioning why a poet writes a poem, or why a musician plays a tune, or why an artist sculpts teeny tiny characters from the Wizard of Oz, is like asking Why a 2-year old takes a sharpie pen and draws a mural on the television screen. Or something like that :) In principle. Or something. That artist, has a website:

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