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I mentioned my recipe blog recently. I would love to encourage anyone to wander over there and look around. With "new blogger" -- I think it's about 8 months old, but I'm just now messing with it enough to see how it's different -- I now have labels in the side bar. So you can check out some easy main dishes or yummy desserts or whatever suits your fancy!

I would love for anyone to join and be a "contributor" to the recipe blog! Just email me (from my email addy in my profile) to let me know you would like to, and I will set it up!

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mad4books said...

Hey, I made your Strawberry Daiquiri dessert this weekend (a lower-sugar version), and it was a big hit. Next time, I'm going to add 3/4 C. of chopped strawberries to the cup of puree because my husband said he wanted more strawberry bits. He also advised a tsp. of vanilla in the pretzel crust, but I don't know about that.

LOVE the recipe swap and am looking forward to making the "Five-Minute Lasagna!"

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