A Happy Day in Heaven

Because I am a self-absorbed person and only see or hear news about once a week, I did not realize that Ruth Bell Graham died on Thursday. I am unable to sum up her life any better than Janice did here. More than anything, I appreciate that Ruth and Billy Graham are faithful followers of the Lord. Not just for a season, not just when it's "in", and not for any amount of personal glory. The earth is a sadder place without Ruth Bell Graham, but heaven is happier.


mad4books said...

Amen. About eight years ago, one of my students wrote to Billy Graham, asking for an autograph during a letter-writing unit. We got a pamphlet or something back, accompanied by a form letter saying that he was too ill to respond to autograph requests or answer correspondence. We were both kind of disappointed (my student had been confident that a response from Dr. Graham was a sure thing), but even more than that, we were both concerned about his health...who knew that he would outlive his poised and beautiful life?

What a wonderful legacy she has left the world and her family! And while my heart goes out to Billy Graham because he's lost the love of his life...part of me celebrates the fact that he had one of those rare and special unions that blesses the people who see it..

And just as we learned from their example in life, this couple will probably continue to teach us how righteous people conduct themselves and share their hope, even in passing.

Goodness. I only came to your blog today to get your MIL's pretzel strawberry dessert recipe...not to write a LOOOOONG comment on your blog! Oops.

P.S. Hey, I added your Recipe Swap to my Google Reader, but something weird is going on...I can't see any recipe posted after June 9th!

Tammy M. said...

Thanks for the link. I loved reading the post.

Constance said...

The book Footprints of the Pilgrim by Ruth Graham gave me a deeper appreciation of this woman of God. I highly recommend it!

(I am a proud mother of the designer so feel free to note his great work also.)

Heaven is truly rejoicing in having Ruth home!

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