Relaxing on Saturday

Well, we made it! As I mentioned, we lost Thursday night, so no ball game for us last night. I had already agreed to keep Kenny and Abbie, so at least I didn't have to figure out how to juggle them, the ball field, and Dixie burgers for dinner. That was a bit of a relief.

Yesterday I used my Mother's Day gift -- a gift certificate for a massage, manicure, AND pedicure at a local salon. In a word, GLORIOUS. No matter how wonderful the friends that take on my kids are, that much time always makes me feel guilty for the person stuck with my kids (I know, most people feel guilty being away from their kids -- I feel guilty for laying the responsibility for them at another person's feet). But I did decide that I would probably be a happier and healthier person if I got a massage on a regular basis. Oh, and poorer, I'm thinkin'. But it made yesterday a wonderful and relaxing day.

After Kenny and Abbie left last night, Troy and I piled in bed to watch TV just for minute before we went to sleep. I woke up at about 11 with the TV on and Troy next to me snoring -- which he NEVER does unless he is just wiped out. I turned off the TV and Troy and I woke up a little more than 11 hours later. Again, a glorious Saturday! I'm thinking we needed a little baseball detox and sleep -- and we got both.

This summer one of my many projects is to teach my children to cook a few meals -- so that when school starts mom can have one night a week off of cooking and let them handle it. So, as a trade-off/ reward for that, I decided that I would make dessert on the nights that they cook. As I remember, I will try to post recipes on my recipe blog. Last week, Riley missed all the fun of cooking (baseball practice -- go figure) so Ashley made us a most yummy spaghetti meal. I made Strawberry Daquiri Dessert. I'm not sentimental about food on a regular basis, but this is one of the last desserts -- if not THE last -- that my mother-in-law made before she died (this is one of those "freaky memory" facts that Troy will roll his eyes that I know). I have the recipe scribbled in the back of the notebook I was using as a prayer journal during that time. She was an AMAZING cook. She was not a very open person about her feelings, but she showed her love through her efforts in the kitchen. I will never measure up in that regard and have long since quit trying.

ANYWAY -- Strawberry Daquiri Dessert. Most yummy -- and Ashley, the queen of mispronunciation, calls it "Strawberry Dukey-airy" making it sound much less appetizing. Tonight the kids are making homemade pizza for us -- one of our family's favorite. I'll put the recipe for the crust on the recipe blog, as well. So I made a dessert I saw in Family Circle while standing in line waiting to check out. Our layered ice cream cake is still in the process of being made, but it has ice cream sandwiches in it -- how bad can it be?

Happy Saturday to all!

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Roxanne said...

Oh, yea, yea, yea for all of you. . .sleep, and massages and relaxation and dessert and all.

My VBS Hell (oxymoron) week is about to begin. . .but I have a gift certificate for either a pedicure OR massage, but I am getting one and springing for the other. FOR sure.

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