Pride, Fall, Pride, Fall, Happy

Pride -- My post on caring for your "temple". ALSO forsaking caffeine (FOR THE SUMMER ONLY, PEOPLE) to better care for my temple!

Fall -- Forgetting to take my iron pills for a week at the same I'm quitting caffeine-- SO tired I can hardly walk across the floor. Try to persevere and get back on my iron pills.

Pride -- Iron high enough to give blood! Which, when you're so tired you can hardly walk across the floor, giving away a pint of life-giving blood is one of the wiser things you can do, right?

Fall -- Blood pressure, however, is 93/60. I realize that perhaps caffeine is a good thing for my body.

Happy -- I'm ironized and caffeinated and functioning. The sun has finally come out and LIFE IS GOOD.


Roxanne said...

Caffeine, Iron, and a Shipleys thrown in for good measure. . .if I could throw one that far and that fast, I'd do it.

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

oh gosh - glad you are feeling better now!!! :) You be careful now!

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