Not improving my attitude any, but this thought occurs to me:

Even when I feel:
  • inadequate
  • useless
  • overwhelmed

He is still the I AM. And, thank the Lord, that isn't dependent on how I feel.

I think tonights episode of 'LOST' was my favorite yet.


Roxanne said...

Now I did NOT know you were watching lost too. . .and there is a GREAT acapella version of "Shambala" that I get on "Pandora" that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. . .and the even funnier than Sawyer's latest batch of nicknames was the look on his face when the van was hurtling down the mountain--he normally is more brooding, but that look was sheer disbelief.

And I read the rest of your post too--but HAD to comment on Lost. Hope your Thurs. was a good one--but I don't think you have tomorrow "off." Bummer.

BUT it IS the 5th six weeks. . .we're on Hurley's downhill run and approaching the rocks. The end of May will start our engine as we swerve into summer singing. . ."Wash away my sorrows, wash away my tears, with the rain in Shambala. . ."

mindy said...

I am right there in the "it's time to make the donuts" mode. (It's time to push the button...)It's comforting to remember that God really is bigger than all my little irritations. I did also get inspiration from my dear Hurley "making his own luck". That was a great episode.Every episode seems to have some deep meaning for me. I haven't ever seen such good television writing.

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