The Way I See It

So I'm listening to this guy -- VERY interesting. But he is saying that I am far too "Western" (as in, hemisphere) in my interpretation of the Bible and I need to think like the Easterners because that is how it is written.

Then all the "experts" tell me that to teach effectively, I need to approach my class from their perspective and culture, which, statistically, means for my class I need to think like someone from single-income, single-parent, minority family.

Where do I sign up to think like a middle-class white girl, married with 2 kids and a dog because truly, that is my only area of expertise. I know, my world is too small but for the next 24 hours, can I please just keep it that way?


Ashleigh said...

Our pastor often mentions the same sort of thing--that we too often apply Western thought to Eastern meanings. But what are we supposed to do when we ARE Western?? :smile:

Anonymous said...

Here's the deal--there aren't lots of people out there trying to think like middle class white girls with adoring husbands, two kids, and parents who have been married for over (mine) or nearly (yours) 40 years. . .but we are the ones beating ourselves up because we can't be all things to all people. . .we are who we are. . .and we reach out to those around us in the most loving way we can--we try to be understanding--but I will NEVER understand what it's like to be the child of a single mom--be she white, hispanic, Asian, or African American, or of one or more alcoholics, or of immigrants, or of bilingual parents. . .I can't understand it--I can only be understanding OF IT.

And hope to Hannah that it doesn't wear me out so completely that I'm a failure when it comes to understanding my own two children.

THere is nothing wrong with middle class and happy as long as we are thankful for what we have. And I know you are.

-- Roxanne

mstirman said...

If hearth and home are still semi-sane to come home too, then somehow we manage to recharge, regroup and go out there to do it all again tomorrow. Home must be our anchor point on this side of heaven.

Melissa said...

Hello! Yeah I've linked to you somehow along the way!! I'm new to the blogging stuff - and I'm really liking it!! Just don't seem to have a lot of time or a lot of ideas for it - esp when I'd rather be scrapbooking!!

I am currently trying to finish my "long sought after" 4 year degree and I have taken some education classes - there is a lot of talk about teaching to your students in their "culture" or being aware of it and making adjustments for it. I do have some understanding for some of these children since I did come from that single parent home and and had an alcoholic father.

But I am very thankful for what I have now and where my family is and that is all I'm going to worry about for the moment!!

David Scott said...

Ray's stuff is great. I'll begin teaching his DVD series to our Sunday morning high school class this quarter. Getting away from the "Same churchy answers to the same churchy questions" to discovering who Christ truly is, both yesterday and today.


Rosie said...

We try our best to let His light shine through us. Be proud of your situation, don't shrink!

Stephanie said...

One of my favorite courses in college was half-semester(?) class called hermeneutics.
We really do have to remember where the Message originated. It's easy to live in a small world.

You are lucky, and I know from your writing that you know you are, to have landed in a "middle-class white girl, married with 2 kids and a dog" situation, and no one is suggesting you not keep it that way. The difficulty in approaching a class from a broader perspective is, perhaps, that you must open up to things you might fear.

Once we get past the fear, we can understand. Once we understand, we can love.

Roxanne said...

By the by (as you like to say), I was thinking that this falls under "in the world but not of it." We do not have to completely understand or embrace every culture to be kind, helpful, and good stewards of God's word in our daily lives.
I point to snotty, drippy girl and little "shy" boy as beaming examples of your ability to shine your light.
We cannot hide inside our situations, but thankfully our "situations" give us strength to go out each day and do it all over again.

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