Preach it, Katherine

Now Katherine has solved what was, to her, a mystery. To me, no mystery, yet annoying nonetheless. I rarely go back through my comments on my own blog -- I'm doing good to get one written, as you probably notice -- but I like to respond to many of the individual comments. If I have this person's email address, I can do that. But most of my comments come from: "noreply-comment(at)" Because my noreply people haven't checked the box. Katherine goes into great detail here. We're starting a grass-roots bloggy campaign. Check the box, people.

And this Valentine's Day comment by Caiden has had me laughing for two days now. Love it, love it.

AND -- if you're a blogger-type person, you, too have probably been forced to switch to new blogger by now. Still looks all the same to me, ... except... the little label things. That completely stresses me out. Write, write, write, yak, yak, yak, I can do, but summarize? There's supposed to be a TOPIC to these things? So I'm guessing that 98% of my labels will be: "blogging". How's that for a label and summary?


Katherine@Raising Five said...

Thanks for spreading the word! It makes staying in touch SO much easier! (So nice to get to know you here!).

I'm so with you on the labels. It's rather like paper filing - easier to dump everything in a box at the end of the year. Chances are you won't need anything, but if you do, you can just dig through the's a risk you just have to take.


Denise W said...

You CAN change your font, change your colors, change your blogroll (or even put people on your blogroll,) all kinds of cool stuff!

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